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Too Much Caffeine

I’m not only wide awake, I am so awake I could probably run laps around the neighborhood right now..


The reason?

Probably, mostly, caffeine

But also work

My work day … all over the place.

Early morning client deployments


Making breakfast, packing lunch, getting the kids up, brushing teeth, etc

One kid dressed, fed, packed and out the door

Then break … maybe? Did I eat yet?

Another coffee

Scheduling a play date for the other


Making lunch … do I need to feed the play date kid too?  Allergies?  Are they picky?  Shit, I have work to do

Out the door for afternoon camp

Maybe I can get in some exercise but I have a meeting at 2 … this has to be quick

Client meeting … at a coffee shop, go figure

More work

One kid is home, got to go get the other .. they’re hungry, sweating, and annoying each other

Stop for slurpee’s … more caffeine

Piano lessons

A few minutes of work while waiting …

Dinner … rock  paper scissors to see where we’re going … jimmy johns today

I just want a quick nap … the caffeine is fading fast!

Dishes, Laundry, try to organize some of this mess

More work

Bedtime, showers (but they don’t want to shower … Argghhh … seriously, you’re sweaty, sticky, tired, crabby, just get in the shower!!)

Finally, in bed … but daddy, read “me” a book, lay with “me” in bed …

On the couch, catching up on some scores, maybe a TV show, nothing is on ….

And then … more work … something isn’t working for some client so the adrenaline is pumping …

And now the caffeine kicks in … or a combination of all the above …

It’s a vicious cycle

Plus I’ve been drinking crazy amounts of anything and everything so I’m up peeing every 2 hours … and when I wake up I drink more so then I’m up again before I know it … and then the alarm goes off and it starts again

It seemed so much easier when I was a kid


That family crap is still unresolved. It’s beyond exhausting. It’s like we’re divorced and having to deal with her side of the family.  I just don’t get them.


Summer is probably half way over.

She’s in girl scout camp now.

He’s finishing off afternoon antics this week.

Next week nothing.

Then off to vaca in south haven.

She wants to be packed already

I’m so glad she’s excited.

I can’t wait to just disappear for a while.

I’d like to just turn off my phone and leave life behind for the week.

We’ll see …

When we get back, 2 weeks till school, then back in the grind again

As much as I loath the alarm clock and the morning routine, I so want for there to be structure again

Wake up, get ready, out the door, then a solid day of work (or whatever I need to do) until they’re done and back home

I was so ready for the school year to end but I can’t wait til it starts back up


We are growing another garden this year

We already have dozens of green beans.

I’ll grow more next year.

A couple cucumbers … so good!

A yellow squash … I fried it in some olive oil … I can’t wait for some more

The tomatillo plant is OUT OF CONTROL.  We are going to have more green salsa than we know what to do with.

The onions are just about ready

The broccoli is so good too …

Overall, our most successful garden yet!


What else???

I feel like crashing … I need to … the alarm will be going off before I know it

I’ve been debating listing our home and downgrading

The effort to move though … seriously sucks

I like the neighbors.  Although something about the neighbors is missing.

But the kids on the block, there’s so many.   The kids seem to have so much fun.

But if I moved it would be in the neighborhood and there are so many kids on every block

And the house next door, the disaster of a construction site, will probably come with at least a few kids.

Some upgrade in the neighborhood or a family moving from the city maybe

But it would be nice to have a lower tax bill and use the money for some other purpose

So we’ll see …


Ok … time for bed I hope

Rockin’ Memories

We make lots of good memories … all the time!

I try to provide these two with as many experiences as I can.

And yesterday was a fun day.

It was his last day of baseball.

It was a bitter sweet end to the season but at least we have more free time now ;)

It was also the first day it hasn’t rained all June … at least that’s how it seemed.

He rocks!  So much fun that he’s able to play like he is.  He played catch with Grandpa before the game too.  So Awesome!

Then …

We had a number of options for what to do at night.

A neighborhood party, little league championship games, or a fest with live music and friends that we don’t see often enough.

We made a last minute decision and chose the later (well I chose for us) ;)

She didn’t want to go.

Daddy, who’s going?  Will I know anyone?  Will any of my friends be there? …

I didn’t have the answers she wanted to hear.

But as you can see, in the end that didn’t matter.

She had an amazing time … And our friend Annie helped make it that much better (thank you SO much Annie)

Just like Mommy ;)

Oh and he scored a couple of drum sticks from Aaron.  It made his night!

I H!@# This

Usually a glass of wine would help here, maybe it still will (I wish it were warm today so I could just sit on the porch … 40 degrees on 5/20 … blah)

Like many if not all of my posts I just write to write, not expecting or wanting feedback

… Just writing most times to record whatever I can for the kids but sometimes I just need to get something off my chest

It’s just my outlet

And right now I just need to vent…

When you’ve asked and you’ve asked and you’ve asked and you’ve asked some more

And when you ask they get defensive

Or when you ask they just ignore

When it’s friends?  Well they’re probably not your friend anyways, so screw them

When it’s family … What do you do?????

When someone approaches you, like someone did recently, and they say something to you that they probably shouldn’t know about

And when that person tells you who told them

And that person is Quote Unquote family

And you know for absolutely certainty that this is the only person they would have heard this from

What do you say to this person?

What do you say to a person who won’t listen in the first place?

A person who gets defensive

A person who obviously talks about you when they shouldn’t

A person who can’t even respect simple requests in the first place

But then you come to find out speaks to other people about you when they absolutely have no right to

How do you deal with this?

If I say something to them they won’t listen

If I don’t say something they’ll just keep doing it … well they’ll probably (almost definitely) keep doing it regardless

It’s not a friend in this case, not someone that I can just let go of, kick to the curb, tell them to screw off … although I feel like I SO want to right now

I just hate this.  And hate is such a horrible word …

The word Hate in our house is at the top of the list of words we do not say

But in this case I hate this

I hate that I am not respected

I hate that this person would for whatever reason think it’s okay to speak to someone about this

Ugh … sigh :( I hate using the work hate!

Missed for 6 …

Today more than most I receive some sort of message from friends & family

Usually they’re simple messages, saying things like “thinking of you today …”

Or like one friend put it best, “… She’d be pissed that it is 50 degrees … ” :)

Then there is this:

I knew before opening the text that this one is probably going to create some tears

Sure enough …

Side note: I’m sitting here at Corner Bakery (one of my many offices) and the couple behind me literally right now is talking about texting / driving and all the bad things that can happen …

Anyways …

So there are texts like that.

And as much as I loathe facebook, posts like this …

and …

She’s definitely missed

The kids don’t know what today is. I’ll tell them later. I didn’t want them to go to school sad.

We’ll definitely be talking about it later …


Another Proud Parenting Moment

While I intend to get on here and write often, that seems to never happen :(

Nevertheless, every once in a while something happens and I’m motivated to write a little.

A bunch happened just tonight (and yesterday) so here we are …

He hasn’t been very motivated to learn how to ride.  I’ll ask from time to time but usually it isn’t a top priority.

It was finally nice out yesterday.  One of very few nice days this year.  They just want to stay out an play as long as they can.

He came up to me sometime between 6 & 7 asking to do something else.  I suggested we practice riding and he agreed.

So he went to get a bike, then to find his helmet & knee & elbow pads, and he was ready to go.

He grabbed his sisters little pink bike.  The same one she learned on.  And he started on his own.

We went back and forth, up and down the block about a half dozen times.

We tried this before on a bigger bike without any success.

So here we are on this little pink bike.  In a white t-shirt.  With his new spikey helmet on.

Regardless, he’s doing it and he’s doing well.

He fell a few times, scratched his upper leg once, but just kept going.

Parenting is tough.  For sure!  No doubt…

But every once and a while you get one of these moments.  I wish they happened every day, or at least more often ;)


Today she lost tooth #5 … on the 5th month and 5th day of 2015.

This one was hanging on for a while.

It even seemed to turn on an angle and we thought it was chipped because of how it was positioned.

But today she was eating and may have bitten on something from that tooth and she knew it was coming out.

Sure enough just a couple hours later she was eating again and it just fell out.

She came running to me.

It was a tough couple of hours though. She was kind of freaked that it would come out.

We went to a friends and they offered to pull it but she was having none of that.

We went to his baseball game and she insisted we bring with a baggie and some napkins because it was bleeding.

We got home and a couple dozen minutes later it was out.  YAY!


And then …

I’m at baseball, talking to a dad I may have never talked to before.

I’m usually out there couching but honestly we have enough coaches and I could use the break.

Plus I’m not totally in agreement with the coaching style of our manager so it’s better I just sit on the sideline for now.

We won’t be on his team again…that’s for sure

That said … I’m talking for a while with this guy and he asked about my wife.


Figured he knew but he didn’t so I told him.  Of course he’s probably like holy @#%

He was trying to ask me if my wife ever blows up, goes crazy, and I’m like well …

So i tell him and then I’m like, nah, she’s pretty laid back

I don’t think he took it as a joke …

He decided not to ask any more questions .. go figure

It wasn’t a big deal but he probably felt bad asking the question


Oh yeah, there’s other stuff too!

- Her 1st communion. Yay!  It was a good day.   It was a great day for her.  Although she was ready to leave church as soon as we got there … All the family came over afterwards.  The only negative … I’m just going to complain for a minute …One of her aunts, who I guess I’m feuding with (I don’t have the energy for her b.s. … she’s the one who made my daughter cry when they went shopping for communion dresses … who does something like that??? … hopefully that explains why I might feud with someone), she actually came.  She skipped both their b-day parties.  She won’t talk to me.  She left without saying goodbye to my daughter too. She sucks.

… I didn’t mean for that to sound negative, given the positive spirit of her communion but I needed to vent!


He’s in Soccer and Coach Pitch baseball.  He’s scored 1 goal both games.  And he pumps up his arms every time he scores.  It’s pretty cool.  And he’s good at baseball too … i’m loving it.

She’s in Soccer this spring.  The first time since little kickers.  And she’s liking it … so excited.

What else???  I’m beat.  Time for bed ;) … maybe … busy summer so I’m sure there will be more