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Who created my computer?

I should be working but these two seminary students are preaching GOD behind me at Corner Bakery this morning


Please go somewhere else :{}

One of the best lines … some student told them, GOD didn’t create this computer.  their response, well actually he did because he created us and we created the computer.  REALLY???  GOD created the computer???  Seriously???

Oh, and we need GOD because without his direction if there were no speed limits everyone would drive 125 MPH and we would all kill each other?

That’s Religion? Really? OMG!!!

Deep Breath …

“People that aren’t like us” … people that aren’t like you??? okay ….

I just don’t get it

Who make THEM better than ME?

Because they BELIEVE in a GOD?

Religion DOES NOT make people GOOD, people are GOOD or they AREN’T. And there are plenty of RELIGIOUS people that are NOT GOOD.  And that’s a fact … I’m sure President Trump could verify that

Sure, there’s good in religion.  Good things come from it.  It certainly helps people.

But the way these dudes are talking it’s like it’s GOD or nothing


Post Midnight Ramblings …

She turned 10 & She turned 65 this past Feb 🙂


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That’s a lot of candles.

And we got a nice family photo 🙂

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Report cards came home today.

Straight A’s for her 🙂 Straight X’s for him 🙂

Happy Day!


It snowed last December, one week before Christmas.

We had lots of snow.

But that was it.

It melted away before the NY and hasn’t snowed since.

It’s March 4th now

I could live without 6 months of cold but if it’s going to be cold it’s supposed to snow.

Speaking of snow, the snowblower wouldn’t start this year.  Thankfully the snow melted away.  And since it hadn’t snowed again … well the snowblower still doesn’t work.  That’ll wait til next year I suppose.


Parenting is tough.  These two like to torment each other.  I suppose that’s normal but I could do without it.

It would just be nice to go 24 hours without someone upsetting someone else … please!


I’ve been off the booze for a while now.  Maybe a half dozen attempts at drinking a glass since June ’16.

Let me just tell you, diabetes sucks.

Well it’s more like the I-didn’t-know-I-had-diabetes part that makes “this” part of diabetes suck

I’m ready to feel 100% better.  And it couldn’t happen soon enough.

Thankfully though I hopefully got thru the worst of it.  Looking back I wish I would have done something sooner …

Although I do eat a whole lot better now than I ever did before.  It’s probably the way “we” should all eat … healthy, low glycemic, non-processed, high fiber, foods, no sugar drinks, no pop, no gatorade … no beer 🙁


While I may not have the flashiest of jobs I can’t currently complain.

I work roughly 20 hours a week.

I have just about all the flexibility I could ask for and still make decent $$$

And yet while I don’t get promoted and sometimes the highlight of being self-employed is just getting paid, every once and a while something kind of cool happens.

I was fortunate years ago to find my way into the Chicago Bears organization.  And while I may not have departed on the best of terms (f.y.i. long story short they hired some inexperienced kid to be my boss. it didn’t work out. i left. he was fired one year later … i don’t want to say i-told-you-so, but I-TOLD-YOU-SO), I still created a few lasting relationships.

So within the past week I reached out to a newly hired NFL General Manager and he responded right away with the likely opportunity to work with him this coming May.  Pretty cool!  Fingers crossed.


Okay … i should go to bed!


And now he’s 8

I’d say it seems like just yesterday, but far from it

It seems like 8 years … and at times more


He insisted on opening presents first. We compromised and did cake, presents and then food … mostly in that order

His top request was a multi-tool or swiss (he calls it swift) army knife

Maybe just a boys fascination with that sort of thing but that’s what he wanted

From me he got that, yu-gi-oh cards & a wrestling game for xbox

He also got nerf guns, more video games, an eraser maker, pogo stick (another top choice) and a few other things


And soon she’ll be 10

And before I know it 15 and then 20?!?!?!?

He still fits into some size 6’s (and maybe a size 5 here and there) so at least he’s not growing in size as fast as he’s growing in age.

Today we play baseball, floor hockey, he’s in chess club, art club, fit club, hip hop club, takes piano lessons (which he’s really really good at), is in basketball and scouts … phew.  No wonder I’m exhausted … and he is too

I’m sure if I scheduled it he’d be in even more.

He’s good @ math.  Although today he definitely argued the answer to 147-38 … I was right, he was wrong.  Maybe he was struggling because he hadn’t eaten yet.

Recently we acquired our vacation home.  And so far it’s great.  I really enjoy having the ability to escape reality for a bit.  And also escaping being 100% connected all the time.  Although out there we’re not totally disconnected but it’s closer to those dial-up days a couple decades ago.  It’s also nice to get them into a different environment.  They also don’t totally dislike the 2+ hour drive.  I think it gives all of us time to decompress.  I can’t wait for some warmer weather out there (although I wouldn’t mind going out there with some decent snow fall as well … there’s been ZERO so far).

Anyways … 8 years old … 20 inches, 7.1 lbs, 5:09 pm … he joined our family on 1/22/2009 … just 8 years ago … he referred to turning 8 at dinner time 🙂 cute

He scared us a little those first 24 hours, spending time in the ICU to watch his breathing.  But he’s a strong and resilient and the kindest little kid … he rocks!


A new adventure awaits …

It’s not easy nor desired to suggest we’re onto a “new” phase in our lives.

Moving to a new home

Starting school



There always seems to be a new milestone

I measured the kids the other day and he grew 2 inches between May & November.  She grew 1.

Recently I closed on a home Cari & I once lived in

Not something we bought together but something we definitely enjoyed together … oh the stories that will never be retold

I thought maybe it would be something I held onto til these kids could one day use it

Although the thought of them using it the way we used it caused more gray hair and hair loss than I care to think about

But now it’s sold

And that’s not all a bad thing

Nor do I think it’s a new phase or next phase in our lives

It’s simply a noteworthy event

But the sale has offered up something new for us and our family

While this sale isn’t totally to thank for this new venture, it definitely played a part

Mostly thanks to our GC’s we’re on our way to owning a family destination that I hope we enjoy for years to come

I’m super excited about this

It’s one of those bucket list items

And I think it will be awesome for us and our family

A place to go, away from the norm

Something to enjoy.  Somewhere to relax.

It can’t happen soon enough and summer can’t get here quick enough either … 🙂

All I Want For Christmas …

His list (spelled his way)

#1 – Droid with screan (screen)
#2 – Hearo (Hero) Click
#3 – See Mommy …

So I ask him to read me his list.

I have no idea what he’s written.

He lists #1 & #2, then he pauses.

He says, I know this one probably isn’t possible …

“See Mommy”

Ugh.  Sigh.  @#$% @#$%^^  @#$%^ @$$^&&*

God Dammit


I wish that was possible

I so wish this wasn’t even an issue

Poor him.  Poor her.

This shouldn’t be an issue

This wouldn’t have been an issue if that day never happened

I hate this .. and I hate the word “hate”, but I HATE THIS SO MUCH

She should be here

He shouldn’t have to even worry about these things


I love him so much.  He’s such a good, sweet, awesome little kid.

My heart breaks for them 🙁