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We ski!

We just wrapped up our 3rd major ski trip in as many years.

With them having zero previous skiing experience, that first year I was prepared to have driven nearly 7 hours just to swim in the resort pool.

Fortunately, and despite quite literally sub zero temperatures (-20+ no joke), they took lessons and thrived.

This year I would consider them more or less advanced beginners…mastering the greens but still skittish when it comes to blues.

I remember taking my first ski trip maybe in junior high with the local park district … failing to have much success using the pull rope to get up the hill but quickly finding my way and flying down any hill on skis.

Skis didn’t last long though, I’ve been snowboarding now for decades.

This trip she went mostly on her own with her friend. I would run into her here and there and take a lift together every so often.

I stayed with him most of the trip although he had a friend as well.

He moved to snowboarding on day two but he finds skiing much easier so boarding didn’t last long (maybe next time, hopefully)

She took one big spill, face-planting she said (I wasn’t witness).

We brought most of our food with, cooking tacos, soup, chicken, sandwiches and ramen for lunch, potatoes, pancakes and cereal for breakfast with snacks, hot chocolate, coffee and other things throughout the day.

This particular resort has a waffle stand. Yum. Sugar and chocolate covered belgium waffles … the kids had seconds and thirds.

Day 1 was warm and slushy. Day 2 they made snow and the slushy stuff froze. Day 3 it snowed about 4-5 inches. We night skied on Day 1 & 2. Unfortunately we weren’t early risers and never made it out for a first run.

I’m super proud of these kids. I created a couple skiers 🙂 I cannot wait for a trip west or up to Canada in the not-to-distant future.


IMG_20200105_150748 IMG_20200104_185355

Fall 2019

I feel like we’re busier than usual in the fall with softball, dance, piano, basketball, cheerleading, cub scouts, indian guides, after school activities, volleyball, tumbling, holidays and everything else but our pictures didn’t capture it all.  Here are just a few.

Christmas is over and the decorations are down.  This weekend it will be 60+ degrees.  February will probably be brutal.  We leave for skiing in less than a week (I’m ready to leave today).  The kids are on break and attempting work while they’re around is grueling.

By the way my favorite time to grocery shop is the 8am hour during the week.  Hardly anyone is in the store.   Being excited about shopping on a Friday morning with plenty of parking and hardly anyone in the store … the highlight of my day 🙂 … that’s my life :/

Their most recent piano recital 🙂

IMG_20191124_151441 IMG_20191124_150906

Sadly that was the last day we saw our piano teacher as he may have had a heart attack the same day and passed away less than 2 weeks later 🙁

Off-road’ing at the Badlands!


Spreading reindeer food Christmas Eve.  The lights were up for more than a month and it didn’t snow once the entire time 🙁


He can play multiple instruments!


She’s busy with her activities too!


He’s always well dressed for school pictures.  He insists.  Every other day it’s comfy pants and a t-shirt though.





Christmas Eve 2019

It’s 11:53pm and everything is done

As per the norm it’s been a relatively stressful few hours

This year she didn’t feel 100% so she’s in bed around 8

When I finally dragged him upstairs just after 10ish I found that she wasn’t fully asleep

She’s laying in my bed

He might have finally fallen asleep at 10:40 but wouldn’t even consider laying in bed unless I was there with him

It was hard for me not to fall asleep


This year Grandma wanted to go to be with the other grand kids Christmas morning but he insisted that she be here instead

It took some convincing but eventually she decided to be with us

Thankfully she’s here, for numerous reasons

Had I fallen asleep I’m not sure what she would have done

She’s now attempting to fall asleep in one of our recliners

It’s 45 degrees here right now

The kind of in between weather where a little indoor heat is necessary but your furnace keeps on running so everyone is a bit too warm

Fans are running, a window or two is cracked, but then it gets too cold … and so the furnace starts up again

Tonight I was in shorts grabbing things from the garage

Just this past Halloween it was snowing … crazy

I really like this holiday but struggle with it as well

I don’t dwell too much on what we are missing

Not that I don’t miss her just as much as every other year, I do, SHE should be here with US!

I just try to do enough that these two enjoy and appreciate all that we do have

Each year just presents different challenges

As they get older they’re more emotional, more aware

It’s sort of hard to keep up with them in that sense

When they were younger things were a bit simpler

I digress …

It’s now Christmas Day 🙂


death hurts

Dealing with a death, even someone not particularly close to us, is never easy.

Today a man we only met this past September passed away.

His name was John Reglin.

In the spring of 2018 the piano teacher we used for many years moved away. My kids had been with her the longest of all her students.

So we took a break from lessons.

I tried for a while to find someone talented, someone with experience, someone who would challenge my kids, someone who would teach my kids theory and not just songs they wanted to play.

This past summer we found John.

He saw something unique in C.

He pushed E to be better, to try something new.

Not even two weeks ago the kids performed in their first recital with him.

That may have been the day he experienced a medical situation and was in the hospital shortly thereafter.

Monday I found out that news and told the kids.  They were distraught and we affected by it throughout the week.

Today I had to tell them he passed.

There were tears…

E was sad for her schoolmate who had been with him for many years.  His family introduced us to John.

C said, he was going to teach me how to write a song.

We lost a special person here.

I think this loss, and probably any loss directly affecting these kids, is particularly difficult for me.

I usually treat death as just something that happens in life.

But today it hurts.

I do not look forward to the death of an immediate family member … perhaps by some miracle we all live forever

A preteen crush?

Parenting …

I’ve had those guilty moments, like WTF did I just do or say that

I pick my battles

It’s exhausting to argue over what they do or do not eat.  Why some people fight their kids on this is beyond me.  They like what they like.  Their tastes are going to change.  Unless they’re spooning frosting out of the container for breakfast I’m not going to freak out if they decide to have a slice of left over pizza on their way out the door to school.  They get vegetables, dairy, meats, carbs, proteins …

I try to keep an open dialog with them.  Both of them seem like they can come and talk to me when they need to.  I don’t make a big deal out of things so that they don’t feel uncomfortable talking about stuff.

So just the other day she is with me in the car.  It’s just the two of us.  And she says daddy can I ask you a random question.  What would you say if I told you I had a crush?  Because I do.  He likes me too.  Is this an Ogden boy I ask?  No, a Cossitt kid.  Hmm…

That’s sort of the end of that conversation though and we move on.

But over the next 24 hours it’s running through my head.  Where is this going?  What’s going to happen next?  I’m thinking of my teenage years…not freaking out, sort of, but more or less borderline.

Then the next evening she says she doesn’t have a crush any more.  But that she does have guys who are her friends.  Phew?!?!?!  I didn’t ask any more.  She feels like she can come talk to me and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

I could envision her mom’s side of the family asking question after question, trying to get the scoop so that they can then go gossip about it.  That’s just not me.  I think that causes people to put up walls sometimes; to avoid those types of situations and to stay more or less closed mouth.

Anyways I’m confident there’s more to come and this was just a brief introduction to the teenage years ahead of us … yikes!