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The other day I found myself venting to a client

Fortunately, he listened and he could relate

Quite a bit of what I had to say related to another client

So he understood

But it was also about my kids … and life

I find myself without an outlet at times

I’m just going through the routines, not always caring for “me”

And then recently I find myself growing impatient with my children

I don’t like the word hate, but I hate when I’m like that

Impatience …. sigh :(

I’m stuck in that rut

The weather blows

My client work is at times overwhelming

Kids …

Life …

Sometimes I wish I had already found someone else to love, someone to love my kids, someone to share this with

But most of the times I’m completely happy the way things currently are

The house is a constant challenge to keep up

Work.  Tenants.  Bills.  Groceries.  Activities.  Family.

Life is complex

I’m usually able to handle things well

I don’t let a whole lot bother me

But when I lose patience with the kids and when our poor attitudes affect each other, well something needs to change

But what?

I dislike facebook, most of the time

But today someone shared, perhaps just for me :) (but probably not), someone else’s solution to this same battle

How do we positively influence our behaviors, the behavior of our kids?


Punishment, sometimes, maybe

Empty threats … NO WAY

Positive reinforcement? … probably the best option of all

Our Reward Board works … when we use it.

But we’ve forgotten about it and it’s currently covered by a wall of paper grocery bags that need to be recycled

I don’t need that board now but I do need something

So this facebook post …

First, getting together as a family and talking about as many types of good deeds or positive actions we can think of

And listing them out

That gets us thinking …

But then it’s actions

What happens when we do one of those positive things or some other positive thing we didn’t list out?

Let’s not just write those things down on paper, let’s write them on the wall so we can see them every day.

So my job this week is to get some more chalk board paint and take advantage of an empty wall that we see every day.

Once that’s done

Then we need a way to track our progress

When we see or do something good, we record it

When we see or do something … well, not so good, we record it

So in this post they talked about using beans.  Beans in a bowl that end up in a jar when something good happens.  And are removed (in 2′s) from the jar when something not-so-good happens.  Where removing 2 signifies that doing something not-so-good is well not-so-good

And then when that jar is full we find something fun to do to reward ourselves.  So we list out what our reward could be too

So that’s my plan

So here I am venting in my own virtual world

Venting pretty much to myself or whoever might happen upon this post

I love my kids and I want them to be happy … parenting just ain’t so easy :-/

10 years ago today

So, perhaps it’s a little ironic

For some reason I kept thinking it had been 9 years since our wedding

Then my daughter, after reminder her of the day, said it’s 10 years daddy

I wonder if I would have really messed up the 10 year anniversary

Doubtful ;)

I’m sure we would have been spending the day … and week somewhere warm and tropical

Oh, yikes, I literally just caught another mouse.  Totally unrelated but they’ve invaded my house.  And while I’m writing this I hear the trap …  little bastards.  My mom is freaking out about them

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear …

He’s a great kid, Matt


I know.  He is.  She is too.  For that I’m fortunate!


Over 5 months since my last published post.  Ugh!

I do have a few in “draft” but shame on me …

Christmas just passed

So did her birthday

And some tears

Friends still remember, but not as many :(

Maybe they remember but they don’t say things any more

I’ve put a lot on my shoulders lately … working and raising these kids

It’s exhausting.  I’m exhausted.

I’m definitely ready for a break.

I think I need a break more from work than from parenting.

I wish financially money wasn’t a concern.

I think that would lesson the weight on my shoulders.

I suppose it’s my choice, however; to make money a concern.

Those decisions we make … hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully that light is near.

… taking a break, more to come (hopefully)

Too Much Caffeine

I’m not only wide awake, I am so awake I could probably run laps around the neighborhood right now..


The reason?

Probably, mostly, caffeine

But also work

My work day … all over the place.

Early morning client deployments


Making breakfast, packing lunch, getting the kids up, brushing teeth, etc

One kid dressed, fed, packed and out the door

Then break … maybe? Did I eat yet?

Another coffee

Scheduling a play date for the other


Making lunch … do I need to feed the play date kid too?  Allergies?  Are they picky?  Shit, I have work to do

Out the door for afternoon camp

Maybe I can get in some exercise but I have a meeting at 2 … this has to be quick

Client meeting … at a coffee shop, go figure

More work

One kid is home, got to go get the other .. they’re hungry, sweating, and annoying each other

Stop for slurpee’s … more caffeine

Piano lessons

A few minutes of work while waiting …

Dinner … rock  paper scissors to see where we’re going … jimmy johns today

I just want a quick nap … the caffeine is fading fast!

Dishes, Laundry, try to organize some of this mess

More work

Bedtime, showers (but they don’t want to shower … Argghhh … seriously, you’re sweaty, sticky, tired, crabby, just get in the shower!!)

Finally, in bed … but daddy, read “me” a book, lay with “me” in bed …

On the couch, catching up on some scores, maybe a TV show, nothing is on ….

And then … more work … something isn’t working for some client so the adrenaline is pumping …

And now the caffeine kicks in … or a combination of all the above …

It’s a vicious cycle

Plus I’ve been drinking crazy amounts of anything and everything so I’m up peeing every 2 hours … and when I wake up I drink more so then I’m up again before I know it … and then the alarm goes off and it starts again

It seemed so much easier when I was a kid


That family crap is still unresolved. It’s beyond exhausting. It’s like we’re divorced and having to deal with her side of the family.  I just don’t get them.


Summer is probably half way over.

She’s in girl scout camp now.

He’s finishing off afternoon antics this week.

Next week nothing.

Then off to vaca in south haven.

She wants to be packed already

I’m so glad she’s excited.

I can’t wait to just disappear for a while.

I’d like to just turn off my phone and leave life behind for the week.

We’ll see …

When we get back, 2 weeks till school, then back in the grind again

As much as I loath the alarm clock and the morning routine, I so want for there to be structure again

Wake up, get ready, out the door, then a solid day of work (or whatever I need to do) until they’re done and back home

I was so ready for the school year to end but I can’t wait til it starts back up


We are growing another garden this year

We already have dozens of green beans.

I’ll grow more next year.

A couple cucumbers … so good!

A yellow squash … I fried it in some olive oil … I can’t wait for some more

The tomatillo plant is OUT OF CONTROL.  We are going to have more green salsa than we know what to do with.

The onions are just about ready

The broccoli is so good too …

Overall, our most successful garden yet!


What else???

I feel like crashing … I need to … the alarm will be going off before I know it

I’ve been debating listing our home and downgrading

The effort to move though … seriously sucks

I like the neighbors.  Although something about the neighbors is missing.

But the kids on the block, there’s so many.   The kids seem to have so much fun.

But if I moved it would be in the neighborhood and there are so many kids on every block

And the house next door, the disaster of a construction site, will probably come with at least a few kids.

Some upgrade in the neighborhood or a family moving from the city maybe

But it would be nice to have a lower tax bill and use the money for some other purpose

So we’ll see …


Ok … time for bed I hope

Rockin’ Memories

We make lots of good memories … all the time!

I try to provide these two with as many experiences as I can.

And yesterday was a fun day.

It was his last day of baseball.

It was a bitter sweet end to the season but at least we have more free time now ;)

It was also the first day it hasn’t rained all June … at least that’s how it seemed.

He rocks!  So much fun that he’s able to play like he is.  He played catch with Grandpa before the game too.  So Awesome!

Then …

We had a number of options for what to do at night.

A neighborhood party, little league championship games, or a fest with live music and friends that we don’t see often enough.

We made a last minute decision and chose the later (well I chose for us) ;)

She didn’t want to go.

Daddy, who’s going?  Will I know anyone?  Will any of my friends be there? …

I didn’t have the answers she wanted to hear.

But as you can see, in the end that didn’t matter.

She had an amazing time … And our friend Annie helped make it that much better (thank you SO much Annie)

Just like Mommy ;)

Oh and he scored a couple of drum sticks from Aaron.  It made his night!