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August, 2009:

Reduced Speed

The state, in just a few months, officially reduced the speed on 47th where the accident took place.  New signs are in place and orange warning flags were installed to alert drivers of the change.   I would have rather seen a 35 to 25 reduction but instead it’s now set at 30.  That helps.

It is positive news, but…

On every single occasion that I’ve been on the street, within 10 minutes someone exceeds or meets 45 mph.  This was before the change in speed, but this is direct evidence of the police dept failing to enforce the posted speed limits.  No one will pay attention to the speed until there’s fear they will be pulled over.  For some reason the village doesn’t see this.  And I could be mistaken, I’m sure I’m not, but doesn’t the writing of tickets generate more revenue for the village?  What could be there possible excuse not to get out there and ticket people?  Politics?  If the issue is staff, hire more people and use the increased revenue to pay their salary…it’s pretty simple math.

Thank you cards

The daunting task.

It’s been 3+ months and I haven’t done any (well maybe just a few).  Today I got through some 100+.  My mouth has that taste from licking the back of the envelopes…too many envelops.   It’s fantastic!

She was really good at keeping on top of thank you cards, cards for events, or cards just because.  She was really good.  Me? … not so good.  But now it’s catch up time.

124 Albums and counting

Too bad digital camera’s are relatively new.  I was already a crazy picture taker in college and that was when we had to deal with the disposable ones.  Ever since our first digital camera from our trip to St. Thomas, we’ve been going picture crazy.  My 2 1/2 year old is just as good a picture taker as me.  I can’t believe how good she is with the camera.  Of course it’s only a matter of time until something happens to the camera so I need to make sure I constantly download the pictures.

Anyways, so with the digital camera came plenty of pictures.  Until a couple years ago I just stored the pictures on my computer.  Then came picasaweb.  I’m a big fan.  Easy to use and FREE.  Of course there’s always that concern about uploading pictures to some companies servers, but whatcha going to do.  I’m also writing about my life online so what else is there to hide.  So yesterday, while I’m busy working of course, I start uploading more pictures to picasaweb.  These are the pictures from before we started storing a backup online.  Before I knew it, 124 albums had been created.  This is 124 different events that we took pictures at in the course of just a few years.  And I’m not even done yet.  And I certainly haven’t been able to go through all the pictures because with 124 albums comes at least 30 pictures per album.  That’s a lot of pictures!

A dream and then some questions

I had a dream, or maybe multiple dreams, last night.  She was there.  It was hard to tell if I was just a dream about her or if she was actually there.  But the more I think about it she was.  Those dreams are few and far between.  I’d be fine sleeping for days if that’s all I could think about.  Sometimes, like last night, they feel so real.

And then this morning, some questions finally came out.  Where’s mommy?

I gave her the same answers.  We looked at some pictures.  Am I doing this right?  What does she need to hear?  This is probably the hardest thing I’m going to have to deal with.

All is quiet and I’m still awake

Now that I say that I’m sure things will change…they almost always do.  But they’re both asleep and the temp is comfortable and … well, I’m missing her a lot.

I hit a brick wall at about 8:30 but for some reason an hour+ later I’m wide awake.  Last night I kept falling asleep while E was still awake.  She finally went to bed about an hour and a half later than usual.  She doesn’t like to go to bed on time lately.  I’ve had to invoke a little trickery.  Last night I told her I was going to get another bottle, tonight C was crying…she’s super smart so this won’t last but it’s working for now.

Caffeine has become my friend, but I don’t drink a ton.  I just need a quick pick me up.  I’m trying to get out and get some exercise.  I’m hoping it will help.  But nothing gets me going as quick as a little caffeine.

Today I biked for another 12-15 miles.  I’m not quite sure how far it was exactly.  It was for sure at least 12 but I haven’t mapped it out.  Biking is tough because it gives me time to think; primarily about her.  That’s about all I thought about for the hour or so I rode.  And doing stuff by myself isn’t high on my list but waiting around for someone to do it with me also isn’t high up there.  So I do it.  I need a bike rack though.  It’s not easy to try and get that thing in and out of the back of the car each time.

I miss u!