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September, 2009:

Remembering … the little things

Just some little, but big, things i miss oh so much (in no particular order)

  • your laugh … and making you laugh
  • a quick phone call (or many quick phone calls), an e-mail, a text
  • a walk to the park … a walk anywhere
  • popcorn
  • csi, law & order, prison break, 24
  • bacon … breakfast
  • cracking my back
  • holding hands
  • your little fingers & toes
  • cubs games, bears games and even the occational sox game
  • snoring
  • a hug & kiss
  • a movie
  • bowling & volleyball … our night out
  • your voice
  • a conversation, a discussion, a disagreement … any of the above
  • your cooking or best attempts at it
  • your support
  • our vacations
  • your presence
  • you, my best friend, my lover

… a work in progress

A few less coughs

Better knock on wood before I say this, but after a car ride full of coughs we’ve only had a couple since.  Of course now that I say that I hear a few coming from lil guy’s room.

Maybe it’s the vicks rub, or the humidifier, or the tylonel … or any/all of the above.

I should have done the humidifier last night but he fell asleep and the last thing I was going to do was go into his room and chance waking him.  This morning he was coughing non stop starting at about 5.30.  It continued throughout the day.  I’m surprised tonight has been relatively quite.

I think being outside helps.  He seems to cough less.  But how am I supposed to do that @ 9:30p+, in the dark, with no sidewalks and a lil girl that needs me to stay at the house?

We’re definitely sick!

The day has come.  One gets sick and sure enough the 2nd is soon to follow.   It will keep happening over and over I’m sure.

Of course we were at the dr last thurs and recognized the signs but it didn’t kick into full effect until a couple days ago.  Now we have coughs, sneezes, and runny noses.  It’s only a matter of time until we throw an ear ache or two in there along with whatever other disease it manifests into.

I tried robotussin for the cough and the bottle is now in the trash.  The amount of hyperactivity that resulted from just the smallest dose was way more than I could handle.  I’ll just deal with the coughing.  Never again will they get that before nap time.

And since when did medicines start to taste good.  Who’s idea was that?  Bubblegum flavored pepto???  Sure, it helps to get it down when it’s needed, but what about the desire for it when it isn’t?  I can vividly remember medicines that tasted so bad it made me gag.

I guess it’s time to schedule another dr appt.  If they aren’t any better today we’ll be there tomorrow 4 sure.

And then …

I still keep thinking … is this for real?  Is this all for real?  It’s all so UNREAL!

And then …

I knew it would happen.   I don’t know how many people told me they would do anything for me.  I also don’t know how many times I asked someone to do something and they couldn’t do it.  Why even bother saying that.  And of the who-knows-how-many-people I spoke to at some point or another, where are they now?  They have moved on. I’m back to our close group of friends and family.  I expected it.  Sure there are some others that are still around, but 95% have disappeared back into their own ‘world’


Is that how you spell it … achoo?  Close enough I guess

Oh crap, it’s cold season already?  We’ve been relatively disease free for a number of months.  But the last week or two has been different.  A cough here, a sneeze there.  Today it’s all of the above and more.  No longer is the boogie sucker an option with E.  Now we have to figure out how to get her to blow her nose but I haven’t had much luck.  Most of the time a portion of the tissue ends up in her mouth and we spend more time removing the pieces than actually getting the gunk out of her nose.

And C has a runny nose too.  I suppose it’s silly to think one might get sick while the other stays healthy.  Especially these days when just about everything ends up in C’s mouth.  And E is right there to take the toy away.  It’s impossible to keep everything clean so it’s inevitable that they’ll both catch what the other one has.

I just thought I might have another month or two.

A looonnnnnggg day

I couldn’t fall asleep last night, so I was up til maybe 2a.  So the 1a wakeup call by E didn’t really phase me.  I was finally getting some needed sleep when my 6a wakeup call by C came around.  I can’t tell you the last time I set my alarm … actually I can, it was 4 months ago today.

Maybe that’s the reason for my struggles today.  That thing that happened 4 months ago today.  I’ll hold back on the 4-letter words for now but plenty of them are running through my head right now.

Today was incredibly long. 

I tried to get ready for the first bears home game tomorrow.  An event I’m not looking forward to.  I almost skipped it.  But I thinking instead I’ll just skip the rest unless friends convince me otherwise.  My mom was over for soccer this morning and stayed til about 3.  It helped having her here.  Around noon I took C to the store with me to get stuff for tailgating.  Good thing it was only him b’cuz he started crying half way through the store and if E was there I probably would have freaked out and left the cart where it was.

It was such a long day that I started writing this Saturday and only had time to pick up on it today … 3.54 am on Tuesday.  Yes, another early morning wake up.  E isn’t feeling well.  The dr said there wasn’t anything she could give when we visited last Thurs for C but maybe it’s time to go back again.  It doesn’t seem like she’s super sick, but sick enough to be waking her in the middle of the night.  She actually seemed fine until about 8p and then she went down hill. 

In the morning (well more like 3 hours) I’m going into the office.  For what, I’m not all that sure.  Actually I have to fix my laptop.  The g, h, and some other keys stopped working.  You can’t do a whole lot without those keys.  I had to go purchase a wireless keyboard just to log in.

It would be nice to get a full uninterrupted nights sleep one of these days.  But does it really matter?  I’ll end up downing some caffeine in the morning regardless so is there really a difference between 4 hours and 8 hours+.  You know what I really want??? Cari.  Here.  Now. Please