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October, 2010:

Baby Teeth

Her first tooth came in right before her 1st birthday, 1/24.

His first tooth came in 5 months earlier, 8/17, at roughly 7 months

It took her a year and 4 months more to get everything but her 2nd year molars.  She was about 27 months.

It took him a year and 2 months more to get everything but his 2nd year molars.  He was about 20 months.

It took her until roughly 39 months to get all of her teeth … wonder how long it will take him to get all of his.

A new drawing

For a 3yr old, about 44 months old, I think this is pretty good.

She didn’t need any guidance … did this completely on her own. 

This is mommy with a flower on her shirt, flowers around her, along with their names and a heart for mommy.

That one was from 10/2/10.  This one was from about a year ago, 12/2/09.  This one was a picture of daddy.

A new first …

I’ve been waiting a few days to post this.  My internet has been out most of the week but finally seems to be fixed.

Our nighttime routine is pretty consistent unless one or the other falls asleep in the car.

They sleep in separate rooms, which I can see changing at some point in the future but for now it’s working so why change it. 

I put him down first and then her.  Most times he’ll go down without a fight but every few days he’ll either want to stay up for a few more minutes or will just want me to rock him.  I know the days of him wanting me to hold and rock him will soon be over so I try to take in as much as I can.  I wish I could just bottle up the moment so that I can relive it over and over.  It’s super cute, but that’s not why I’m writing.

Her routine is a little more time consuming.  Potty, brush our teeth, read a few books, and prayers.  We always read a couple books, sometimes three.  Some of those books are pretty long so I try to push for the shorter ones.  We read the first, then say some prayers, then read the 2nd and sometimes that 3rd.  Similar to him I wish I could just bottle up these moments so I can relive them whenever I want.  This night was a little different.  I think it was this past Tuesday.  It’s not always easy to leave her room when I’m done reading.  Most times she wants me to stay and sleep with her.  Every now and then she gets her way…surprise 🙂  Usually I have to tell her I’ll be back, that I have some work to do or the dog needs to go out or that lil guy is crying.  This night, however, I finished reading the second book and began to make my way out.  When I turned to say something to her she was sound asleep.  Somewhere during those few minutes she closed her eyes and that was it.  That was a new first.  So precious!


I’ve really been slacking on this blog posting stuff.  Semi-unemployed and I can’t seem get to put aside the time.  Well the kids are asleep for the moment so I will give it some of my time.  It seemed easier when I was fully employed.  I would get to it when I needed a break from the work. 

Last weekend we did a Carnival, Pumpkin Patch, Dinner w/Friends and a combo birthday party.  Phew!  This weekend we don’t have that much planned.  It’s going to be a high in the 50’s and lows in the 40’s.  Brrrr….  I don’t miss the cold.  The summer seems like it flew by now that it’s gone.  In a couple weekends I have my brothers daughters christening and then in Nov I have 3 (THREE) weddings. 

The kids are busy.  Preschool and gymnastics (dance class) for her and soccer for both of them.  The weekend is kind of our down time / break from the week.

He’s about to cut his bottom eye teeth.  The last of his kiddie teeth (I think).  He’s been suffering through a couple weeks of major drooling and messy poops.

Today in the car ride home she was holding her hands together in front of her and then opened them up.  Of course she wants me to pay attention to what she’s doing while I’m driving and she’s in the back.  She was asking if I wanted to read to her.  I didn’t realize it until she told me but she was doing sign language.  She also did thank you and bath.  I asked her where she learned it, figuring it was maybe at preschool (money well spent), but she said blues clues. I guess TV isn’t totally bad for them.  I asked and she said she’s interested in learning more so we’re going to have to make an effort to teach her.

Some neighbors of mine are babysitting their son’s dogs.  They’re driving me insane.  My dog runs out, their dogs run out, they meet at the fence and all hell breaks loose.  They can’t see each other but they bark up a storm.  The worst is when this happens at night after the kids are down.  Like I need them to be woken up.  I really don’t mind the insanity but it’s getting old.

I went out for a friends impromptu b-day last night.  So today I’m exhausted.  I can hardly keep my eyes open right now.  It was fun though.  Saw a band called superknaut.  The guitarist rocked.  I realized something about me (probably something I already knew) … I’m in a funk and unable to let go and be myself.  I don’t know what to do about it but I need it to change somehow.   I need to be able to let go, take a deep breath and have fun again.

As part of my current extended stay-cation I decided to paint the house.  It’s a big job.  I started yesterday and have worked maybe a total of 7 hours on it.  I’ve made some good progress but have a lot left to do.  I wanted to do the exact same colors but it looks like the main color is a tad lighter than the current.  Nevertheless it’s still looking good.  It’s just going to take me the better part of next week to finish.

Well for now I think that’s it.  I miss u SO much and think about you constantly.