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November, 2010:


The time change once again threw off the kids schedules. Oddly they didn’t wake up all that early the first day; it’s their nights that are really thrown off.

A story about us posted in the chicago tribune today called Carrying on without Cari. I was a mess when I was first read the story a couple weeks ago. I e-mailed some friends last night to give them the heads up. When I checked my phone this morning after waking from a dream, I had already received an e-mail that the story posted. So there’s no way I’m going back to bed now. Hopefully the kids keep sleeping … knock on wood.

Waking in the night seems to be the norm lately. It never used to be that way. Not sure what the deal is. I’ve become a really light sleeper. The smallest noise and I’m up. That kind of happens I suppose when you need to listen for the kids. I used to sleep right through that stuff but not any more. And my dreams have been pretty vivid too. This one tonight…man I don’t know where I come up with some of that crap. That could have been what woke me up too. I probably just need to leave the phone downstairs so I don’t look at it. It’s probably bad that I have my laptop sitting on my bed too.

So anyways, this story … it’s now front & center, literally … front page of the chicago tribune. Oh, and I don’t really like the picture they chose but oh well. It isn’t horrible. Providing the info for the story wasn’t easy at all. Fortunately I have this blog and it supplied some of the content without having to relive every single detail. It’s impossible to put 17+ months into a couple pages but I think she did a good job. My blog tells more of the story but even this doesn’t capture it all.

Like last night for instance. On the way home she fell asleep in the car (which happens more often now since she’s skipping her nap). So it’s just me & him. That time is nice because we literally have no other time for just the two of us. Lately he’s been really interested in reading. We can go through half a dozen books before I need to take a break. Last night was no different. Most books I have to read twice too. It’s great that he’s doing it because he’s still not talking all that much and hopefully reading brings out his words. I’m not sure when exactly I started reading to her on a consistent basis but I would imagine it was around the same time. Anyways, he had a difficult time going down last night. So I had to rock him a few times and when that didn’t work I brought him out with me onto the couch and he fell asleep on my chest. It’s those moments that I can’t capture anywhere. Those moments that as he continues to grow will only become a memory.

I recently shared a picture with a friend. It was a link to a single image but he was able to view the whole album. He preceded to go through all the pictures and point out the ones he liked. It was an album of select pictures of the kids this year … so needless-to-say there were a lot. I checked out the ones he liked and then I came upon this one.

To anyone else looking at it they probably wouldn’t think twice.   My friend even looked right past it.  But to me it’s pretty entertaining.  I’m just finishing washing the car and I look over and find my son on his knees trying to drink from a puddle.  OMG!  Without the picture I might have just forgotten about that little moment.  I’m really glad I stay on top of picture taking (as best I can anyways).

And back to the story again.  A few e-mails have trickled in already.  Oh man and just now E’s door opened (6am?!@@$).  Here she is standing next to my bed looking straight at me.  A few seconds have passed and she still hasn’t said anything.  I said, “hey, you’re supposed to be in bed.”.  She finally says, “but it’s light out.”  Oh daylight savings….

He’s pretty cute

And he’s doing this all on his own …