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December, 2010:

note to self

poor little guy dislocated his elbow when we were playing last weekend.  i knew something was wrong so we went to the er.  it didn’t seem broken but he was crying in a odd way and wasn’t moving his arm.  less than 2 hours later he was back to normal (totally back to normal).  note to self – don’t do that again

i have a good feeling he’s getting his 2 year molars too.  2 nights ago was horrible.  barely slept (both of us).  then he was miserable throughout the day yesterday.  i was SO tired last night.  i’m pretty sure he was too but he still fought to go down.  i didn’t hear him at all last night but that also could have been because of how tired i was.  hopefully today is a better day.

on an off topic (although still a BIG note to self) i am dealing with a financial issue that seems like it might haunt us for a while – a bad real estate investment that included a dysfunctional condo association which made it impossible to rent and all that went down near the same time we lost cari.  so needless to say that thing was at the bottom of my list of concerns.  however, now it seems like i’m going to have to be concerned.  am i too late?  it’s already foreclosed on but now the debt collectors want near the full amount of the property.  i was getting a whole lot of bad advice when consulting with lawyers about what to do.  nobody was consistent.  particularly, none of them said i would be slapped w/collections and the full amount of the debt.  i don’t quite understand how that is fair.  i didn’t buy the property for more than the bank appraised it.  i didn’t have a second loan.  i was forced out because of a building faced with > 50% foreclosures and a dysfunctional association that turned off common power and had no insurance.  the bank bought or sold the property at auction.  that was THEIR decision.  they could have held onto the property, earned income from the rental, and sold it 20 years from now.  instead it seems like they sold it for pennies (THEIR DECISION), someone else is going to make $1000’s off of it, and THEY slapped me with the bill.  HELLO, if I could pay, wouldn’t I have paid & kept the property???  Looking back at the poor legal advice, maybe I should have spent more time on it, but …. 2 kids, cari, work, all the other b.s. (as if that was at all a priority).  DAMNIT!

Well, I’ll try not to let it bother me too much.  Seems like my anxiety is easily upset.  On another hand I spoke with someone who might be interested in one of myother properties.  If I could get that one off the books then that would be one less thing to worry about.

Life is too short …