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back to preschool

Recently she’s been pushing back a bit about going to school, participating in lil kickers, and a number of other things.   Should I worry about this???  I’m concerned of course.

Today was preschool again and one of the first things she said was that she didn’t want to go.  Ugh!  I thought we had this solved yesterday when she said she was going.  Fortunately she went although grandma said she was very upset about it the whole way to school.  But afterwards she said she had a good time.  Phew!  Hopefully we’re past that one.  We did kind of bribe her with a present so hopefully that doesn’t turn into a habit because we’re going to end up spending a lot of time and money at the dollar store if it does.

The kids stayed at grandma’s today because she was going to mass for papa’s b-day tomorrow 🙁 and with me having a client meeting picking up the kids on time just wasn’t going to work.  So I got a few things done.  Most of the xmas lights outside are up.  I swear I plugged in all the lights but now that they are up and on I can see that some sections aren’t working.  SDF!  Oh well.  It’s freezing out there so I just let them b.  But then I also cleaned up a bit in the house.  C must have spilled his bottle in his room today because man it stuck in there … speaking of, gotta get rid of that bottle ASAP and that NUK too.  Maybe after christmas.

Things are busy.  I’m probably going to pick up some more hours in the very near future and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.  The work is similar to my experience so it shouldn’t be extremely difficult but I’m kind of getting used to the part-time hours and the flexibility that goes along with that.  Although even though I say part time I’m probably still working more than full time.  Today I prob put in 10 hours total doing client work and working on my own proj’s.  Hopefully one of these things pans out.  I do need some $ for christmas presents though.

My back is still really hurting.  I’m a mess.  Nothing seems to help.  Even advil/tylonel now don’t seem to do the trick.  Nor does an ice pack or heating pad.  I really think that phys therapy stuff made it all worse.  Ugh!  Maybe one day it’ll b better.  Hopefully soon

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