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the mommy topic

so i wasn’t planning on writing again but then some stuff came up today at e’s preschool christmas party.

first her teacher was explaining something to grandma.  i guess recently they were talking about the christmas party and said how moms & dads, grandmas & grandpas would be there.  she told one of the teachers that her mommy couldn’t come because she was in heaven

minutes later a little girl in the class must have said something, probably along the lines of let’s go talk to your mommy.  e responded with, i don’t have a mommy, she’s in heaven.  the little girl, without hearing e, started to walk in our direction, probably expecting her to follow.  becuase she didn’t hear e, she repeated her comment a couple times.

she should NOT have to deal with this


on another topic – o, and i ordered our christmas cards.  i’m actually can’t wait til i get em.  i hope they turn out nice because i think they’re going to b really cute

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