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two days ago

he climbed into his crib.  crap!  i took him out and he climbed in again.  shit!

that night he stayed at grandma’s. tonight we’re back.

five minutes ago he climbed into his crib by himself for bed.  that cannot be good

i’m affraid of what that means

recently his bedtime ritual requires a rubber soccer ball, two toy footballs & a rubber basketball.  he’s not able to go to sleep without them.  tonight i couldn’t find the other football but all is quiet so far.  i think the whole climbing into bed thing overshadowed his other nightly needs.  somehow i need to capture how he asks for those toys.  it’s so cute

i think she has her first best friend. it’s a girl from preschool.

i think it has a lot to do with the fact that they see each other often, that doesn’t hurt. 

they look a little a like too although the other girls is nearly 6 inches taller.  it’s all really cute and nice to see

she has a pretend friend too.  for some reason i can’t remember her name right now.  today she planned a baby shower for this friend and wrote out invites.  i’m sure it had something to do with titi writting out invites for her own baby shower

yesterday was an orthopedic dr appt for him.  our ped had concerns about a difference between his two legs.  the ortho said she sees something but was not super concerned … phew!  i kind of felt like that would be the outcome but it was still a relief to hear it from her.  we go back in another six months for a checkup. 

her coach in gymnastics said she’s been doing a lot better these past couple weeks, like she’s breaking out of her shell a little.  that’s good to hear but that also means that my little princess is growning up.  i know it’s inevitable but sometimes i wish i could just have her this way forever.

think that’s about it for now.  i’m so busy.  i cannot wait til this side job is over.

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