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@ least something positive today …

GS went out without a spare diap (like usual) today.  I always get ragged on for carrying a bag of extra clothes & stuff, but you never know.  She never does and today she paid … a poop filled diap w/out wipes or a spare.  She cleaned him up and let him go without one.  No accidents and peed when they got home.  Go C!

Tonight at the carnival he insisted he had to pee … of course the only option is the porta-john YUCK!  I reluctantly took him in there (saying to myself, how is this going to work), stood him on the top of the toilet, helped make sure he didn’t fall in or pee on his pants … he went … without a mess … SUCCESS.  And then he insisted on going again … less than an hour later … again we did the same thing, stood him on the top of the toilet, aimed, and let loose … success again … so I guess I can’t rip on GS too much because this seems like progress


On another note … really REALLY needed you here today although you probably, i mean definitely, would be freaking out … i know i am.  Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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