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Mommy questions from a 4yr old

… in not exactly the order asked, but pretty close

Daddy, when did Jesus die?  … a long long time ago

When did Mommy die? …May 19, 2009

Did Jesus die when Mommy died? …no

…i was a little worried about the lack of challenge at preschool, but i’m glad she’s getting some introduction to religion there…one of the primary reasons i switched to this school

I know Mommy died because she was hit by a car, but how did it happen?

…someone wasn’t paying attention when they were driving, they were careless, reckless

What does reckless mean? …how to explain this to a 4yr old…@#$%

What was the person’s name who hit Mommy?

…for at least a minute i couldn’t remember her last name…ugh!  that thing should be unforgettable.

What does the lady look like?

…i don’t know, i’ve never seen her, in fact i’ve never even heard from her

What happened to her?

…she was arrested and ticketed?

Did she go to jail?


Ugh!  Why are WE faced with these questions?

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