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your birthday, christmas, and then the anniversary all within 3 weeks.  the holidays can’t go by fast enough

it should have been 6 years today, instead we only had 3 … and 3 without you

maybe that’s why i’m in a bad mood today.  although i really think it’s bcuz i’m super tired.  a late night monday.  an even longer night tuesday with a sick boy who had a fever, maybe a sore throat, and threw up on me (and it wasn’t just a little spit-up) … thank goodness i don’t have a weak stomach.  however, it’s 8:30p and both of them are asleep so i should probably do the same.

a few people e-mailed me today, that was nice (al, meg).  like usual i wish it didn’t have to be this way, but it was nice of them to remember

the other day someone was talking about doing a destination wedding so i talked to them about ours.  since ours was so amazing i think i have her sold on it, and i think i found your mom some business too!  it was pretty amazing though, wasn’t it???  i wouldn’t have done it any other way

crazy how things have changed so much since then, in just 6 short years.  what does that mean for the next 6?!?!?!?

well, today is just another day, right?  just another 4th of January.  i would rather be somewhere warm than here, that’s for sure.  or somewhere i wouldn’t have to worry about things for one whole day … i would take that too

i started reading a book, water for elephants.  they made it into a movie that came out this year but i wanted to read it first.  i wish the person that told me about the book, who i can’t remember, would have told me how the thing started out.  i probably would have skipped the book & movie too.  one line in the first chapter went like this, ‘being the survivor stinks’.  why am i reading a book that starts out like that?

anyways … just miss ya a ton

my fav pic

i love how we could make each other laugh, regardless of the situation

c is starting to talk more about mommy, or lack thereof.  another challenge!

tonight i brought e upstairs to get dressed.  she’s becoming pretty independent, doing a lot of things on her own.  i left her up there and she didn’t come back down for about 15 mins.  when she did she had side ponytails and a flower barrette in her hair

oh, and c asked me tonight if i had hot sauce, what for, for when i say a bad word, who gives you hot sauce, gs gives it to me when i say a bad word, do you like how it tastes, no it takes like mustard

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