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A month in …

Where time goes …

It’s been a while since I’ve sat much in front of the TV, usually it’s just the computer these days.  But SOA is back on and I recently found Homeland.

I didn’t think SOA would keep me intrigued but I’m addicted.  I often find myself waking up at 10p on Tuesdays after falling asleep with the kids and making my way down to the basement to catch the current episode or the episode I might have missed the week before.  And before I know it it’s 1am and I can’t go to sleep because my adrenaline is pumping because of what I just watched.  I probably should have just stayed in bed.

Now I’m on Homeland.  On-Demand TV is pretty cool.  I caught a current episode for the new season and over the past week I’ve watched most of last season.  Even though I’m seriously, no absolutely, thinking about moving away from Comcast, their on demand feature is pretty cool.  Needless-to-say my “amazing” Saturday night was 4 episodes and a half bottle of pinot … I planning for a Tuesday night out so that should make up a little for tonight.

Now I’m sitting on my bed trying to find a spot where I won’t be kicked in the head all night as well as one where I won’t kick them either (btw, one of them is kicking me as I type)

Luci lost her spot on the bed.  Now she’s stuck fending for herself somewhere in one of the other rooms.  If she would stop pissing on the rugs she’d be great but I cannot stand how she just won’t go to the bathroom outside yet has no problem doing it in the house whenever she has the urge (that’s usually when we aren’t home but recently while we’re asleep too).


It was probably 4 weeks ago now when I asked a neighbor friend if they knew about the kids mom.  They said no.


I guess they just avoided the topic.  I only told one neighbor and was hoping the word would spread but I guess not.

So I told them.

If anything it’s so that they can address it with their kids and “hopefully” limit the questions to mine.

School, however, was another challenge.

It didn’t take long for the topic to come up.

According to her teacher …

“I wanted to share with you what [E] shared during the class today.  We had just read the story Armadillo’s Orange where an armadillo gets lost and cant find his way home.  When I asked the class how the armadillo felt everyone agreed that he felt sad.  To make a feelings connection, I asked the whole class was there a time when you felt sad and how did you make yourself feel better.  [E] told the class she felt sad when her mom died but felt better when she hangs out with her dad.  Afterward a couple students asked [E] how her mom died and I could tell [E] was getting a little uncomfortable and sad so I pulled her away so we could have a chat.  She said that she was ok sharing that her mom died but she also wanted me to tell you about the conversation too.  I let her know that it was a brave thing to say and I am happy she feels good being with her dad and she did smile and laugh a little….”


I knew that the topic was eventually going to come up … I think she did amazing.  We talked about it later.  She didn’t come out and tell me about it but when I asked her a direct question about it she asked if the teacher had text’d me and I told her she e-mailed me.


C now has 4 avenger costumes and he wears them just about every day.  If I would let him wear them to school he would.  He always has them on at the neighbors house.  He wore Iron Man to the Apple Farm and today wore the same costume to, ironically, the costume store (although we were only supposed to go to the craft store, the costume store was an afterthought and the same place he was able to get his 4th costume … it’s expensive there, costco is half the price).  In addition to iron man he has spider man, captain america and thor.  He REALLY wants the hulk.  He has so much fun with them!  She has her dresses and now he has his costumes.  It’s definitely better than him dressing up as a princess.  I’m glad we’re past that.


She’s doing good learning how to read and is already pretty good with her numbers.  I have her multiplying now.  She’s really growing up … way to fast


They made me give each of them two hugs and kisses at bed time tonight.  We had the whole day together today.  Except for a couple of breakdowns we did pretty good, especially since we were cooped up in the house most of the day because it was so chilly outside.  I love these two SO much.  They’re simply amazing!!!

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