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Happy Birthday!

I found 2 dimes yesterday.  Like they were put there on purpose.  So crazy.  Like I open the back of the car to put in some groceries and a midst the mess that is the back of the car sits a dime, like a bright light from the sky is shinning on only that small little spot.

Some family and friends came over last night.  The kids were up til 11:30 … yikes!  Totally goes against all my parenting morals 😉  But amazingly they did fine, and were really good with the kids that were over too.  And even this morning they slept until 9a and so far so good.

I kind of wish more people would have come over last night, however.  Even though it was really great to have those here who did make it.  I guess I’m just a little disappointed in those that didn’t make it.  Not those that were sick but particularly those who decided that a neighborhood holiday party was more important.  I don’t know … I would skip a neighborhood holiday party any day if my friends were getting together.  I guess maybe I would have rather just heard them lie and say they were sick.  Thinking about it, I probably would have accepted any excuse other than a neighborhood holiday party … maybe that’s just me and maybe that’s just me venting.  I’m certain you would have def yelled at them. 😉

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