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Thru The Holidays …


Another Christmas, Another Anniversary … your birthday … and soon the kids birthdays too.  That’s a lot of stuff in less than 2 months.

Their birthday parties are planned.  Now I just need to get out all the invites.  We have big parties when it’s just our friends but now we have our new PK and K friends … I don’t mind putting it together but my hand hurts tonight from writing out the invites.  I wonder if this will be the last year I do their parties together.  I think next year they might just want it to be only the ‘boys’ or the ‘girls’ instead of a party all together.

Our anniversary would have been our 7th.  Most people didn’t remember or at least they didn’t say anything.  But at least one person remembered and msg’d me.  We went out with friends, the kids too, it was fun!  Would have been 7 years.  YIKES.  Does that mean 4 anniversaries have past already?

We also went out on NYE.  We didn’t get home until almost 2a and I had the kids with me.  That was SO past their bedtime.  And SO not the norm for me … way outside my normal boundaries of normalcy.  We left the party around 1:15 and C cried half the way home.  All the kids there were just running around on everybody else’s energy it seemed.  I’m actually surprised they made it so late.  It took like 2 days to recover.  It was like having a hangover without actually being hungover.  I don’t think I’m going to try that again any time soon … I need some adult nights out soon … and then a day of rest.

Christmas was amazing for the kids.  $ was tight this year so the present count was down a little.  But the kids didn’t seem to mind.  She got a barbie dream house, a new amercian girl doll, and her favorite, an easy bake oven.  He got a new bike, a bunch of avenger toys, and a remote control car.  I’m glad it’s over but I do enjoy that time of the year with the kids.  They’re so amazingly cute.  I hope they hold onto santa for years.

Next year we’re going to take a vacation for at least NYE, like leave the day after Christmas.  I so want to be somewhere warm instead.  A vacation is definitely needed.  Hopefully it won’t take another 12 months to happen.

The kids miss you tons, btw.  We may not talk about it all the time but it’s at least every other day.  E loves you more than anyone else.  In fact she might tell me that every day.  Heaven is such a difficult concept.  We have a book that talks about heaven and read it every so often.  While I use the concept to explain to the kids what happened, it’s a really struggle for me to explain since it simply isn’t what I believe.  UGH!  That itself is a topic for another day.

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