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Even though trying to put them to bed by 7:15 seems like a good idea, sometimes it just doesn’t work … like tonight

They’re laying up there but I can still hear them talking (at least they’re not fighting, at the moment anyways)

She’s been asking a lot of questions about Cari

I think I gave her an answer the other day that didn’t sit well with her

She asked who she loved the most, me or mommy

While I don’t think I said one other the other, she wanted the answer to be mommy

A couple days later she was really upset about that and I had to clarify my answer

Then she wanted to know what parts of her were like mommy, then they both wanted to know

The two of them don’t look exactly a like but think they just wanted to hear that most of how they looked came from her


A couple weeks ago a note came home from school that said she was talking a lot with another girl while the teacher was talking

I didn’t see the note until we were getting ready for school last monday morning

It took a little prodding but she finally agreed to tell me what it was about and said she’d never do it again … right !?!?

But then later that morning I got an e-mail from the teacher asking to come in or call to discuss something about her

So here I am thinking all day that it’s way worse than this note about her talking, like what could she have done to create the need for this?

Apparently she told her P.E. teacher that her daddy was getting married again and the P.E. teacher told her regular teacher and her regular teacher wanted to make sure I knew about it.  I guess the P.E. teacher thought it was strange that this little girl was talking about this.  Supposedly the teacher didn’t know about our situation so perhaps if she did that would have changed things.

I like that I was informed about it but I really was worried that it was something else.  While I’m nowhere close to being in the position of marriage i’m glad to hear that perhaps she considers it an option.


Last week he turned 4 … next Friday she turns 6

This Sunday we’re having a party and if everyone shows there’ll be like 70 people there

That only includes a few of their new school friends.  Our friends & family have so many kids that it’s impossible to invite everyone

I wonder if this will be the last group kids party I do.  Will she want her own party next year?


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