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A couple realizations

Two weeks until my first ever garage sale

The kids don’t want me to get rid of anything but I think they’ll comprimise

The weather this weekend really was amazing, especially today

We spent the whole day outside

I planted a couple dozen bulbs and a few dozen flowers and patched up a bunch of bare spots in the grass

Finally I made my way to the garage

If we’re going to have this garage sale I figured I’d better start organizing at least a little

So while I’m moving stuff around the kids and one of their friends are in there as well

I wasn’t watching exactly what they were doing

The friend and E began to read something

Dear Matt & Cari, I love you guys … the friend asks if that’s her mom … they read it again

Dear Matt & Cari, I love you guys, always swallow

So I’m still not paying a whole lot of attention but I’m saying to myself, that’s weird

So they read it again

And I say, it doesn’t say that

They say, yes it does, … always swallow

So now they have my attention

It really does say that

I know there’s a lot of stuff in pictures that the kids should probably never see but I didn’t expect them to find this one.  That’s something from her bachelorette party maybe, our wedding shower???  I guess I’ve got to watch out for that stuff too

Hope their friend doesn’t repeat this to her parents … 😉


E definitely gets emotional, especially when she’s tired

Today included

Long day outside, playing non-stop pretty much from 10a – 6p

She broke down as soon as her friend left and pretty much went on like that for a good 45 minutes

“I miss Momma”

In addition to that, every day we walk up or down the stairs she wants to kiss a picture of her

After I got her in and out of the bath (Note: She was not very cooperative) we had a bit of a talk

She’s in tears, “I miss Momma”

This isn’t anything new but today we talked more about the situation

She, of course, wants her to come back

I always tell her that can’t happen

So we talked about bringing someone else into the house

She immediately says no

But we’ve talked about this before and we talk of it not as someone to EVER replace Cari but someone who she can bond with, shop with, play with, be a girl with.  She accepts the idea

“But then you’ll have to get married again”

Oh Man!

I say maybe

We talk about it a little and she says, can I be the bridesmaid, I’ve already been the flower girl enough?

I said yes … we’ll have to address that one if and whenever that situation arises

She seemed content

Lately I’ve been more and more aware of her need to have someone else in our family.

So I guess this one is on me

I’m really picky

I probably could already be going down that road if I wanted to

I know what I want, haven’t found anything close, haven’t had a whole lot of opportunities to

Plus, I’m totally pessimistic about any dating site … I’m just not convinced they’ll work for me

So therein lies my dilemma …

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