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I H!@# This

Usually a glass of wine would help here, maybe it still will (I wish it were warm today so I could just sit on the porch … 40 degrees on 5/20 … blah)

Like many if not all of my posts I just write to write, not expecting or wanting feedback

… Just writing most times to record whatever I can for the kids but sometimes I just need to get something off my chest

It’s just my outlet

And right now I just need to vent…

When you’ve asked and you’ve asked and you’ve asked and you’ve asked some more

And when you ask they get defensive

Or when you ask they just ignore

When it’s friends?  Well they’re probably not your friend anyways, so screw them

When it’s family … What do you do?????

When someone approaches you, like someone did recently, and they say something to you that they probably shouldn’t know about

And when that person tells you who told them

And that person is Quote Unquote family

And you know for absolutely certainty that this is the only person they would have heard this from

What do you say to this person?

What do you say to a person who won’t listen in the first place?

A person who gets defensive

A person who obviously talks about you when they shouldn’t

A person who can’t even respect simple requests in the first place

But then you come to find out speaks to other people about you when they absolutely have no right to

How do you deal with this?

If I say something to them they won’t listen

If I don’t say something they’ll just keep doing it … well they’ll probably (almost definitely) keep doing it regardless

It’s not a friend in this case, not someone that I can just let go of, kick to the curb, tell them to screw off … although I feel like I SO want to right now

I just hate this.  And hate is such a horrible word …

The word Hate in our house is at the top of the list of words we do not say

But in this case I hate this

I hate that I am not respected

I hate that this person would for whatever reason think it’s okay to speak to someone about this

Ugh … sigh 🙁 I hate using the work hate!

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