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And so it begins again …

4th and 2nd grade.  It’s hard to believe

I’ve been tackling this thing now for 7+ years.  Unthinkable

We mostly have good days.  They’ve definitely grown and matured.

I think we’re still figuring each other out.  Maybe, i guess.  I mean, they’re changing all the time.  Me?  I’m well just trying to survive.

I think we’re making progress though, positive progress.  Like trying not to get on each other’s nerves, although they’re really good at getting on each others.  And that gets on mine and it’s a vicious circle.  But when that calms down all is good.

We’ve got so much going on to start this year.

Soccer.  Tumbling.  Baseball.  Piano.  Religious Ed.  School + Homework + All that.  What else?

Oh, I decided I could coach his soccer team?  As if I have time for that.

It should be fun though.  And she will likely help me … I hope!

I’m actually co-coaching so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

But sigh … I wish all was great.

They said I need to take care of myself first.  I thought I was but I guess I wasn’t

It’s been a tough 5 years.  And a tough past 2+ months on top of that.

I guess I can blame some on genetics.  But I guarantee stress is a leading factor.

I’m pretty optimistic with this though.

I definitely don’t look too negatively upon it.  But it is added stress.

Tears come easy when I think about me/this.

Maybe tears are good though.  Maybe there’s some relief in them.

Anyways, I’m trying to and hopefully will figure things out.  No more procrastinating.

Healthy Living / Healthy Eating … tonight I ate hummus, grilled chicken and a sweet potato.  Go me!

I thought I would use this place more as an outlet.  Maybe sometimes I do.  I wish I kept more on top of documenting our lives.  But hopefully I do that in photos so that failing to write isn’t really that much of a failure at all … hoping that’s true.

So with a new school year we’re sure to have plenty of new experiences and challenges, hopefully lots more good than bad this time around.

Looking forward to a Disney trip in just under two months.  And the kids really want another tropical vacation.  I better start working more!

Oh yea, and then I thought I’d mention … Online Dating.  I mostly do it for entertainment.  An ego boost at times.

Recently this girl who I went on a date with once, maybe 3 years ago (or maybe 2), connected with me again.

I only connected with her just for curiosity.  She’s hot but I’m far from interested.

So she says to me that when we met I was too new to this single parenting thing.  What does that matter?  4 years in?  I suppose.  Is that why we didn’t connect?  How would I be different today?  I’m not.  And I’m def still not interested…but thank you.  Anyways, I kind of took offense and un-liked her … again, which felt good! 😉

I’m not so sure about this online dating thing … or dating at all at the moment … maybe I’ll find someone when I’m 40 … that isn’t too far away these days …

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