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Who created my computer?

I should be working but these two seminary students are preaching GOD behind me at Corner Bakery this morning


Please go somewhere else :{}

One of the best lines … some student told them, GOD didn’t create this computer.  their response, well actually he did because he created us and we created the computer.  REALLY???  GOD created the computer???  Seriously???

Oh, and we need GOD because without his direction if there were no speed limits everyone would drive 125 MPH and we would all kill each other?

That’s Religion? Really? OMG!!!

Deep Breath …

“People that aren’t like us” … people that aren’t like you??? okay ….

I just don’t get it

Who make THEM better than ME?

Because they BELIEVE in a GOD?

Religion DOES NOT make people GOOD, people are GOOD or they AREN’T. And there are plenty of RELIGIOUS people that are NOT GOOD.  And that’s a fact … I’m sure President Trump could verify that

Sure, there’s good in religion.  Good things come from it.  It certainly helps people.

But the way these dudes are talking it’s like it’s GOD or nothing


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