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Adjusting to life in the house

We spent a number of days at the house last week, leaving barely any free time … let alone time to write.

The first day wasn’t incredibly difficult.  Both kids went down relatively easy and C even slept for about 9 hours.  The second wasn’t quite so simple.  C woke up at midnight, E at 2, C at 6:30 and E at 7:30.  But we got in the house and hopefully we’re making some progress.  I think E really needs to be here.  It’s quieter and all her toys are here.  It’s a break that I think we both need.

Of course I wish I didn’t have to work so that I could just take care of them all the time.

I need a bike seat and trailer.  I need to do some more research on brands and I’m not sure if I’m overly excited about a trailer, but I think they would help me get out of the house.

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