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A day at the beach

P7191066If she was there too, it would have been a perfect day.  But it was still nice.  Me, the kiddies and everyone else (her fam) took a trip to the beach for the afternoon.  This July weather is just nuts … 70 on July 19th.   I personally don’t really mind it because there’s zero humidity and it’s really comfortable.  I just hope it doesn’t mean that summer will end soon. 

Nevertheless, we spent the majority of the afternoon at the south end of the north avenue volleyball courts by Castaways.  I don’t think everyone was overly excited about going out for the day, but Corn went out there early to set up a net and I really pushed for the whole family to go.  By the time we left, I was convinced that everyone really did have a good time.

P7191084Because of the weather the beach was surprisingly empty for a July weekend, but that wasn’t all bad.  We were able to park in the lot by the boathouse and traffic wasn’t an issue at all.  The courts were all taken like usual with plenty of people playing v-ball.  We made friends with the neighboring court and probably played a dozen or so games.  Even lolo played and as it turned out she was better than most people out there…half as tall, but twice as good.

And E just had a blast.  We told her we were going to a big sandbox.  We brought with some sand toys and she ended up burying lolo in the sand. 

She played volleyball too…she stood on the court anyways.

P7191088I took her for a walk along the water.  She was nervous at first.  The water was really cold.  We found some sand castles built by someone else.  She really has this thing about knocking them down.  Hopefully the kid who built them wasn’t watching because she knocked each one of them down.  She finally began to warm up a bit to the water and asked me to put her feet in.  Then I grabbed onto her arms and helped her jump over the waves.  She was laughing her head off.  Since the water was cold we headed back to the court.  But not even 15 minutes later she must have concinved uncle bobby to go back to the water and he and her actually went in.  I can’t imagine how cold it must have been but she didn’t complain…didn’t complain until it was time to get out of the water.  She had a blast!

P7191065As for C, little guy had a lot of fun too.  He tried to eat some sand but we caught it in time.  He smiled at everyone, just chilled out, and took a long nap in his stroller.  I can’t wait (well I can sorta wait) until he’s running around with his big sis.

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