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death hurts

Dealing with a death, even someone not particularly close to us, is never easy.

Today a man we only met this past September passed away.

His name was John Reglin.

In the spring of 2018 the piano teacher we used for many years moved away. My kids had been with her the longest of all her students.

So we took a break from lessons.

I tried for a while to find someone talented, someone with experience, someone who would challenge my kids, someone who would teach my kids theory and not just songs they wanted to play.

This past summer we found John.

He saw something unique in C.

He pushed E to be better, to try something new.

Not even two weeks ago the kids performed in their first recital with him.

That may have been the day he experienced a medical situation and was in the hospital shortly thereafter.

Monday I found out that news and told the kids.  They were distraught and we affected by it throughout the week.

Today I had to tell them he passed.

There were tears…

E was sad for her schoolmate who had been with him for many years.  His family introduced us to John.

C said, he was going to teach me how to write a song.

We lost a special person here.

I think this loss, and probably any loss directly affecting these kids, is particularly difficult for me.

I usually treat death as just something that happens in life.

But today it hurts.

I do not look forward to the death of an immediate family member … perhaps by some miracle we all live forever

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