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She’s been asking

We went to the Sox game on Saturday.  When we went to get some food, our Brats came with a pickle…one of E’s favorites.  Some guy in line commented on how much she was enjoying eating it.  She goes to town on those things.  We once gave her an entire pickle; a pickle on a stick at the Taste of Chicago.  She was about 1 1/2 at the time.  A short time before that we ordered hot dogs from pops and she tried a pickle and she loved it.  We were so taken back by how much she enjoyed it.  So when we saw the pickle on the stick we figured we might as well give it a shot.  She ate half the thing; it was huge too. 

So we’re at the game and this guy makes that comment.  My response, “yeah, she’s in heaven.”  I wasn’t thinking about my word choice by E caught wind of it.  She said, like Mommy, and Papa, and Payton?  OMG!  I nearly dropped to the floor.  It was so sad.

And then, Sunday morning…C woke up early and E a couple hours later.  I was feeding C when she woke and I went up to get her.  I said a few things and then told her we were feeding C.  She asked, “With Mommy?”

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