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Reduced Speed

The state, in just a few months, officially reduced the speed on 47th where the accident took place.  New signs are in place and orange warning flags were installed to alert drivers of the change.   I would have rather seen a 35 to 25 reduction but instead it’s now set at 30.  That helps.

It is positive news, but…

On every single occasion that I’ve been on the street, within 10 minutes someone exceeds or meets 45 mph.  This was before the change in speed, but this is direct evidence of the police dept failing to enforce the posted speed limits.  No one will pay attention to the speed until there’s fear they will be pulled over.  For some reason the village doesn’t see this.  And I could be mistaken, I’m sure I’m not, but doesn’t the writing of tickets generate more revenue for the village?  What could be there possible excuse not to get out there and ticket people?  Politics?  If the issue is staff, hire more people and use the increased revenue to pay their salary…it’s pretty simple math.

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