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If I could just keep dreaming

I found out yesterday that my brother and wife are expecting they’re first

Maybe that’s the reason or part of the reason for a dream that felt so real and so difficult to wake up from.

Cari was there.  Really there.  I felt her.  We talked.  We were enjoying each other.  It was so real that when I finally woke up it took me a while to realize it was just a dream. 

It had been a while since I last dreamt of her.  Even longer since I had this type of dream.  Most of the recent dreams/nightmares involved some sort of argument.  I usually don’t remember all the details, but this time one thing was for sure, this one involved us expecting our 3rd.  It’s probably partly because of the news I received yesterday that my brother is expecting, but it wasn’t like our expecting replaced his.  In my dream they were still expecting.  The whole dream, the topics, her touch, all made me  just want to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  It’s the start of another day … a day in which the kids (the sick kids) slept until 7.30a instead of 5.30a for a change.

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