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A day on the lake

She would have LOVED it.  She talked about it all the times weeks before everything changed.  She was so excited about the prospect of going out on Lake Michigan throughout the entire summer. 

P6200935A week or so ago we took the kiddies with us on the boat for a couple hours.   Ellie was so excited about being out there although when titi jumped in she got pretty sad and wanted her back in the boat.  We bought life jackets for both the kiddies too.  Carson looks like a little turtle in his, but he’s still super cute.

This past weekend Mike took us out for the day.  We had a number of friends with us too and everyone had a fantastic time.  Too bad we don’t have a boat 10x the size so we can bring everyone out at the same time.  We took a ride down the calumet river to the riverdale marina.  And what a beautiful day.  I constantly thought about her.  How she would and should have been there right with me, right next to me, right with us hanging out, enjoying the day, laughing, tanning, joking … about MJ, Hauntie getting a little crazy, Erik passing out sitting up at the front of the boat, everyone jumping in the water near the marina, getting the boat stuck in the muck for a few seconds, spinning around in the locks because of the current, or the questionable service at the marina.

She really would have just absolutely loved being out there.  We will love it for her.

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