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Another TOUGH day

It was really nice outside.  It might have been the last nice day for a while and I didn’t get to enjoy it. 

I was exhausted from the night before.  That probably didn’t help.  I just needed a quick nap and the kids wouldn’t cooperate. 

They fell asleep in the car on the way home from the grandparents.  I expected C to fall asleep but not both of them.  So I drove around for a 1/2 hour extra. 

I really wanted to enjoy the day outside but it just wasn’t going to happen.  It’s so hard to balance the responsibility of managing two little ones by myself.

It’s going to get easier, right???  It’s gotta!

If they only would have napped at the same time.  C has such a hard time staying asleep during the day.  And he didn’t seem to drink enough.  Being sick might not help.  They still have runny noses.  It doesn’t seem to be getting better either.  E’s cough this morning didn’t sound good.  It’s probably time to get to the doctor.  Each day it seems like we’re making progress and they do sound better at night.  But since it’s still hasn’t gone away I do need to get them in. 

I’m going to find someone to come to the house during the week to help me out at night.  Someone other than fam.  Someone who I can fire if it’s not working out…not that that’s the plan but I need that option…and I do need the help.

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