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Remember when E was this little?

Do I remember E at C’s age?  That’s the question of the morning.

Not entirely.  I know E didn’t start crawling until 10/11 months.  C has gotten to that a little quicker and seems like he is ready to start walking any day (even though his balance is way off)  Thankfully we have pictures … and lots of them.  So I went to see if I could find two around the same age, doing something similar



There are some obvious differences between the two.  E looks a lot different today than she did then, particularly since she has more hair now.  I can’t wait to see how C changes.

Looking back at those pictures reminded me of some things.  Some things that we did with E that I need to do with C.  Memories of doing it all together.  We did the pumpkin patch with E around this time 2 years ago and I am planning to go with both of them this coming monday, weather permitting.  I also have a great picture of E stuffing her face with a gerber biscuit … food everywhere.  I wonder if they still sell them.  I need one just like it of C.  I bought some of these gerber wheels (that’s what he’s eating in the picture above).  I figured it might make a similar mess but either he’s a clean kid or it just isn’t the same.  And pictures in the tub.  Fortunately I have some of both of them … super cute and almost identical

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