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Getting through the difficult times

A family member who experienced his own challenges in life offered some very helpful advice soon after the accident and I continue to refer back to it on a daily basis.

Whenever times get tough and seem impossible, I try to think of something funny, something happy, something about our life that will help me get through whatever I’m dealing with at a particular moment in time.

I turned around during the services at Queen of Martyrs and just about the entire church was filled.  I thought to myself for a brief moment, somewhat jokingly, that a few of these people might be here because they know how much grief Cari would have given them if they didn’t show up.  Now I know that’s not the case but she always let people know when they left early or didn’t show up, that she wasn’t particularly happy with them.  Looking back, she just loved having people around her and never wanted the day or whatever it was to end.

There are so many hundreds of little things that I continue to remember.  Each day seems to be just has difficult as the one before but I really hope and know that she’ll always be in my thoughts.

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