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Our digital lives

It was shortly before all this happened that I either read or heard on tv a story about ‘what happens to your digital life after you pass?’.  I know for me that I have in excess of 30 different user names and passwords at various sites throughout the internet.  I can’t even remember all of them myself, so for someone else to figure them out it seems virtually impossible.

Never did I think that I would be right here in the middle of all this. 

I know enough about her to get me past basic security, but what about those custom security questions … what is your favorite author, where did you meet your hubby?  I mean, thankfully I know the general answers but not necessarily the exact answer she would have typed in.  Besides the fact that one of the above mentioned questions brought tears to my eyes, my answer was not quite the same as hers; I would have said the town and she said the specific venue.  Thankfully through enough guesses I finally figured out her user name and password and was able to get into the account, but what if I couldn’t figure it out.  Then it would have been one more call to a company to explain the painful situation again.  And that’s only one site, what about all the rest?  What about the ones that I don’t even know about?

We create trusts and wills to assign assets, but what do we do about our digital lives?

I’m extremely paranoid about providing my credentials to some 3rd party.  The stuff I’d be handing out provides access to all my financials so should it land in the wrong hand I would end up in a credit nightmare…a nightmare nearly as bad as the one I’m already experiencing.

So other than writing down all this stuff, storing it in a safe location, and letting someone know where that information is located…and then keeping it up to date, what are our options?  I don’t know right now.  I’m probably not the only one that would be concerned.

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