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A friday post

Lately I’ve been posting only at the beginning of the week but thought I might get one done today before the busy halloween weekend. 

E has already dressed up 3 times.  Twice as a penguin and once as tinker bell.  I think we’ll stick with the penguin for halloween.  Although I think she’s grown an inch or two since we purchased the costume because she hardly fits in it any more.


It has been raining for another 24+ hours straight.  Where are we?  When does it ever rain this much.  It’s dreary.  At least it isn’t snow.  I think they had 20 inches in Denver today.  So it could be worse.

At my most recent therapy session I was asked the question, “What do I miss the most [about Cari]?”  I think I could go without these sessions.  They only cause me to dig up crappy feelings about this whole situation.  I couldn’t even answer this question.  It did make me think and I thought about as many things as I could without saying any of them.  It’s way too tough to say them and hard enough just to think about them.  Therapy???  Do I need it?  I guess I do some therapy here but it is much more difficult to be vocal about it all.

We have this jewel shop & share event coming up again.  Last time it raised over $2k for the kids.  I hope to do even better this time.  It’s all pretty simple it’s just a matter of getting people involved.  There’s no cost, we just get a small percentage of all goods sold during the 3-day period when people submit the coupon to the cashier.  Every little bit helps.  But of course getting support means talking about the reason for needing it. 🙁 But whatcha gonna do, right?

Well, I”m going to try and hit up the gym quickly b4 picking up the kids.  I need to get there a little more often than I do.

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