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A year ago last week we were pregnant w/C and  enjoying the impressively hot weather of Jamaica for a friends wedding

Six months ago today I lost the love of my life

The corner bakery must be a place of refuge for me because once again here I am

Most days it feels like there’s a ton of bricks on my chest.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem so bad but then I realize for a short few moments I was just preoccupied with something other than the situation

I could only imagine how different the ‘grief’ process would be without 2 little ones.  They demand 99.9% from me leaving virtually little space to get through everything else.

My mind is all over the place.  One minute thinking about all that.  The next thinking about my job.  Then how I’m going to get through the next few hours, days, weeks and years.  The upcoming holidays which if it were up to me we would skip right past.  All the crap we should have been doing had the situation been different.  All of the happy times and the sad ones too.   How bad I need someone to at least discuss the things that need to be done for us, the kids, everything……..

6 months makes it no easier.  6 months seems to make it that much harder.

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