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Phew.  Ugh. 

It’s almost over (and by the time I actually post this it probably will be).  A very difficult day.

Every message from a friend.  The card, from my MIL, which I just read (but didn’t really want to b’cuz I knew it would be hard).  Any topic of discussion; directly or indirection related.  The kids and absolutely everything about them.  That simple request to take home leftover dark meat which was her fav. 

I was making dinner yesterday.  A friend was over playing with the kids while I cooked.  I rarely cook from scratch anymore but the desire was there yesterday.  I planned to pick up some stuff at the store but before I knew it I was out of time so I resorted to a simple chicken/rice meal I almost always have the ingredients for.  It was always one of our favs.  So good and so easy.  We probably had it once a week.  I was apprehensive about cooking it.  It was suprisingly difficult and as I sat over the stove turning the chicken, so many unexpected thoughts and memories rushed into my head.  I was completedly unprepared. 

I didn’t have much sleep last night.  E woke at 7:30 insisting we left immediatedly for my brothers.  C still wasn’t up so I risked a quick shower and some preliminary preparations while he remained in his room.  Fortunately it worked.  3 hours later, following breakfast, baths, getting dressed, making sure the bags had enough supplies for a day away, we were in the car on our way.  I only lost a few hairs through all that.  My mom offered to come help but I declined. 

My bright little E, who amazes us all on a daily basis, did it again.  While it was the simplist of comments, her ability to associate a comment of mine to a single occurance nearly two months ago is just astonishing.  I opened up a coconut sucker and when she asked about it I said I didn’t like it.  She then said to me that coconut suckers were a fav of a certain friend of ours.  How would she know this?  What a random comment I thought so I preceded to txt this friend to get her thoughts.  It turns out that more than 2 months ago she commented to E about how she liked that flavor.  How my lil girl remembered that and was able to make the association today is beyond me.

Can we just skip the rest of these holidays?  PLLLEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSEE!

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