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How long til one of them wakes up?

I feel like titling each one of these with a big sigh or phew!  Probably because the only time I actually have time to do this is the same time I need to let out a deep breath.

Today … kids up, bathed, dressed, fed (sort of), in the car, to dunkin donuts (fed some more), got gas, went to jewel, got home (i felt like i could have just kept driving if that meant the kids would sleep), put C down (that took 20 mins), did some dishes with E (she really enjoys it and didn’t get too wet this time … good thing because she’s dressed in what she’s wearing later today), fed her, made an appetizer with E with the stuff we picked up at jewel, E down for a nap, kitchen clean (sort of), a little food in me … and now sitting on the couch watching Wall-E (something about this cute, no-brain cartoon that makes me want to turn to that channel everytime it’s on tv).

The day started at 8:15 and it’s 1:15 right now. 

I should take a nap but the large coffee from dd isn’t going to allow that.  Besides, C will probably be up the second I fall asleep so why bother.

I had a couple crazy dreams lately (maybe just last night i can’t really remember).  One with Cari.  It was short but seemed so real.  Maybe it was partly because E was having a little dress up party with Cari’s clothes but the dream was about Cari getting dressed.  It seemed so real but at the same time made this whole situation so much more real.  And the 2nd was kind of freaky.  Without getting into the details the last thing I remember is C screaming, which of course woke me up instantly, but he wasn’t really screaming and it was just a dream.

There’s a letter from someone sitting on the counter.  A personal letter more than likely talking about the topic … yuck.  So now I need to find a time that I feel like getting upset on purpose … let’s just say it’s not high on my priority list.

Did the brookfield zoo lights yesterday.  Chilly but nice.  All the zoo animals (the majority anyways) were sleeping.  Finally saw the polar bear.  I’m not sure why that guy wasn’t out, this is their ideal weather isn’t it?  One of the kids we were with got sick and when she went home had a fever … oh man I don’t need or want that right now.  Let’s hope there wasn’t a whole lot of time for the illness to spread. 

In a couple hours we’re headed to a friends cookie-making party for the kids.  Cari would have been SO excited for this.  E is going to probably have a blast.

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