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Remembering…June 5, 2004

Reference to this topic came up tonight after walleyball (my one serious effort at getting some exercise each week).  I’m not a big fan of walleyball (an racquetball court version of volleyball) but it’s exercise and I need it.

I could probably write forever about our time on the north side of chicago before the kiddies came … and after attempting to narrow the topic down to just our time in wrigley, it became apparent that I’m just going to have to talk about this particular day.  Which is cool because it was a lot of fun

So June 5, 2004.  I would probably have no idea what day this actually was if it weren’t for my camera.  I also wouldn’t have 98 pictures from this day if it weren’t for it too.  But I do and that’s awesome.  I actually remember a lot about this day, the pictures probably help, but I’m sure the 12+ hours of partying does put a little haze over the whole thing.

It started out with a cubs game day.  And I looked back and June 5th of that year is a saturday so things were only just beginning.

Summer in chicago rocks.  And guessing at the clothes everyone was wearing it was also a warm summer day.   TROUBLE!

So cubs game to start.  Then back to the apartment for drinks & bags (literally a 1/2 block from the stadium).  Then off to the Sheffield fest for some Mike & Joe and Hairbangers.  Then back to the apartment but with a ton more people including members of both bands.  Then it got dark and we were still going strong.  Some people left, more people came. 


@ the game w/Aaron, Jen, Cari & Me


Bags in front of the apt with Aaron.  One of many games played in that spot over the years


Ran into ogar (from revenge of the nerds) at the street fest


My baby doll …  I miss her so much!

I’m actually really glad I have that picture.  It really is representative of her personality.


A decent attempt at a self picture.  We became pretty good at this




It’s getting dark but we’re still going at it.

And there are plenty more pictures but those ones are for me.

That day and many others like it should have continued to replay itself last year, this year, and in so many years to come.  It just will never be the same.

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