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An Earthquake??!!!

I’m used to being woken in the middle of the night.  But not to a house that’s shaking. 

What is it?  Am I dreaming.  Are the kids alright?  Is it something in the house?  The furnace?  What do I do?  WTF!  What time is it?

I’m still kind of shaken by it. 

It’s a first.  I’ve never experienced one before.  And in Illinois you don’t expect to. 

So I still don’t know what’s going on … if it wasn’t an earthquake what was it?  An explosion?  Did something hit the house?  Shit, I don’t need this.

There’s a quarry not too far away so whenever they blast some dynamite the house does shake a little.  But it’s like 4am so that can’t be the case.  However, maybe the reason the house shook so much is due to the proximity to the quarry.  And it felt so real.  I stood on the floor and everything seemed to move.  The room is dark except for the hall light so I can’t see too much.

I can do without that again.

I have to say, I did question my sanity for a bit this morning.  I’m the only one who woke.  My kids wouldn’t be able to tell me anything about what they experienced and the dog didn’t move.  It certainly could have been all in my head …

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