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Her first bike


Thanks to her grandma & aunties we now have our 1st bike.  She picked up riding with relative ease … but where’s the helmet ??!!!!

The recent warm weather, 60 yesterday and up to 70 the next couple days, the kids finally get to be outside.  C, now referred to as C-Baby, walked yesterday until he just didn’t have the energy to walk any more.  He’s a walking maniac.  Barely a month ago he was still crawling.

I didn’t get to experience her first ride but she did it for me when I went to pick her up last night.  I put on the helmet and the buckle pinched her neck.  Crap!  She wasn’t happy but we got past it.

It’s like 4.30a and I should totally be sleeping but something woke me up and then i started thinking about a bunch of pending legal stuff and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Ugh.  And then there’s my job and this open director of it position.  I just don’t know about that thing … i always said i didn’t want my bosses job as he created such a poor environment for himself and anyone to follow.  i think i’m at the point where i’m just going to pass on the opportunity and let someone else come in and fix the mess.

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