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Sick Kids and Everything Else

I’ve decided that it’s my trips to the office that have made this March one of our sickest on record (not sure if that’s a fact but it sure seems like it).

My reasoning … I’ve been into the office a couple times each week.  At least one out of the two days I come home and am either coughing that night or the next day.   A day or two later both kids are coughing, runny noses, etc.  And then any family member in contact with them catches it too.  My boss, who has since been fired, was the first to get sick.  His damn disease is probably flourishing in our fortress of an office.  YUCK!

We’re on our 3rd round of it right now and the kids are MISERABLE!

That’s really gross if it’s something in the office that’s causing this but what else could it be … has to be.

To that jackass on 95th street tonight that for some reason needed to get past the vehicle next to me and then decided to try and get past me (all to get 2 cars ahead of us on the ramp to the expressway (behind like 8 others) but had the time to stop and flick us both off) … screw you too!  Seriously, WTF!

I’m having another meeting with some exec’s tomorrow morning … after what I anticipate this night will be like I’m sure I’ll be far from well rested.  Oh well.  It’s more the norm than not.

I always go back and think about all the people that said … if there’s anything u need, just let me know.  How about right now at 9:30 pm on Monday night when I have 2 sick kids that cannot be comforted … does your offer still stand???  who were u anyways … thanks for the offer

To whomever the person was that installed and/or repaired the fence before we purchased this house … thanks for doing a shit ass job.  It’s only blown down in different sections some 4 times over the course of the past 3 years.  Nice!  Oh and this latest time (friday) I didn’t realize it until the dog had wondered off to who-knows-where for who-knows-how-long (thankfully she came back).

Right at this very second (of course that will all change … why I even dare write it) both kids appear to be asleep.  E, however, the sicker of the two, laying right here next to me on my bed, although temporarily free from the hacking cough shows signs that she’s far from fine (and oh yea, little man is making some noises at this very moment – shit!)

what else …

I’ve been eating mac & cheese almost every dinner for the past 2 weeks (not literally just almost).  Did I even eat dinner tonight ??? nope.  Maybe that’s why I appear to look like I lost some weight – but I’m going to associate that to the removal of pop from my diet (something like 4 weeks straight only cheating a couple times) … it’s self-imposed.  I needed to remove some form of caffeine but I’m just substituting it with more starbucks instead.

Oh yea, one of my new tenants…  I was called a week or two ago to address some items.  None of them were major so I didn’t really focus on them.  But I took time out of my weekend to go down there and as I figured none of them were even worth the trip.  The hinge on a cabinet had come unsnapped and the shelf fell off a hook … those were among a list of things that I didn’t need to make the trip for …

Oh, and then there was our annual cub’s season ticket draft.  I split 4 seats between 3 other guys.  Every year we get together and divide em up.  It’s always the case that I work around Cari’s work schedule so we can go to as many as possible.  However this year I didn’t have to make those same decisions.  🙁  But that’s all I thought about.  I don’t want to go to these games w/out her.  It’s so far from the same.  Our life before kids was all about the north side of the city.  We had so much fun and living a 1/2 block from the stadium made cubs a big part of it.  And then the kiddies came and we moved to the burbs but the games were our way to get out or to be with the kids.  Man … Cari didn’t even get to go to a game w/baby-c.  Damn that sucks!!!

Time … I wish it would stand still.  The passing of it makes things no easier.  I just miss her that much more.  I need another dream soon.  I caught myself about to call E Cari tonight when I was about at my wits end when neither of the kids could be calmed.


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