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It’s 2:30a

That potential job, the one my boss relinquished, appears as though it may be out of reach … so they say, is because I am not currently capable of physically being in the office 40 hours/week.  So what they essentially want is to hire a senior executive and have that person work the help desk.  We can thank my ex-boss for that one.  It’s simply a poor expectation of such a high level position.  That job description is so far from what I want in my life or in my career but the title would have been nice.  They haven’t hired anyone else yet so at least I can say the position isn’t totally lost.  There are other ways to get what I want there but if I end up training someone who is just as experienced as me but gets paid a bunch more I am going to be pretty ticked.

It’s 2:30a.  It’s only me & my princess tonight.  She’s still feeling sick so instead of struggling with 2 I asked grandma to watch him.  She woke up coughing around 1.  There’s just so little I can do for her.  I was sleeping on her floor and even though I turned on the humidifier I left the door open so it wasn’t really doing anything for her.  Somehow I found some vicks rub and put that on her and then closed her door.  It sounds like the coughing has subsided for the moment.  …of course now that I say that :{

Moving from this house has always been an option (if the market will allow for it).  When part of my fence fell again the other day I wasn’t bothered by it but I am bothered by the fact that not a single neighbor offered any sort of assistance to get it back up.  They sucked before and they suck even more now … the neighbors that is.

It was 65 today and supposedly warmer the next few days, although I haven’t actually checked the weather and am just going by what I have been told.  It will be nice to finally open some windows.

The floor/office at work was FINALLY cleaned yesterday.  I’m certain that’s what has been getting me sick.  That is just so gross.  It looked like a layer of film was removed from the floor.

It’s nearly time to file my taxes and I just haven’t put a ton of effort into it.  Everything involved in that process just sucks.  It forces me to get into things that I would rather leave untouched.  It’s just one more thing to procrastinate about.

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