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Remembering…May Flowers

A couple sips of redbull @ 8 tonight still has me going.  Or maybe it’s because I did something to my back and it just kills.  Oh man!!!  Right in my lower back.  “Cari, can you crack my back for me … or at least a massage ” 🙁  I can’t find the heating pad and it hurts too much to look for it.  The pain relievers aren’t helping either.

So, thought maybe I would do a Cari topic …

Hmmm… Okay, maybe I’ve written about this b4, maybe not, but I’m going to write about it again because I’ve thought about it numerous times.

I actually passed by this particular K-Mart last Saturday after a kids b-day party.  I looked over and noted how the front sidewalk was completely bare (at least from what I could see).

I suspect that will change within a month or so when they stock up on flowers and all sorts of other summer-type plants.  That’s how it was when we were there the weekend right before our lives changed forever.

Man it’s hard to let myself go to this point in time … it’s unfortunately one of the last I had (beside her face that Tuesday morning, wrapped in our blanket when I gave her a kiss goodbye … or that last Friday @ bowling where our lives just couldn’t have been any more perfect).  F#$%!

Okay …

I was searching through things, attempting to get my tax stuff finished, when I came across receipts from that weekend.  My life pretty much stopped at that point in time and things have been piling up since.  So to find a few receipts from around that period isn’t surprising.  I guess I just didn’t expect to run into these particular receipts. 

Evidently we hit up Menards & Home Depot (E called it something else today … some crazy name; I’ll have to see if I can remember).  But it’s K-Mart I remember this most. 

It’s not like it was this momentous occasion or anything at the time but now hopefully it’s stuck in my head forever. 

Amidst the rows of flowers we found a duck who seemed to have claimed home to a little section and laid some eggs.  E was just amazed by this and was so interested in seeing the duck.  Did we fill 2 carts with flowers?  I can’t remember but the one we had was filled top to bottom and I remember having so little room in the Pathfinder that Cari had to sit w/some in the front seat and there were more piled next to C … 2 carseats and a stroller didn’t leave much room to spare.

We spent most of the weekend planting everything we purchased … tons of flowers.  Unfortunately we never finished our work and after that next Tuesday none of it mattered all that much to me anymore.

I think examples like this hit on why I struggle so much w/everything today … that was our world, everything we wanted, everything we built … together.  Within a few hours it was ripped away from us.  All I want is to have everything back the way it was.

Soon it will be May again …

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