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My Picky Eater

He eats everything, she just won’t.

Yesterday went to J&B’s for lunch.  They asked me what they would eat.  The answer for him is easy, for her I just never know.  He polished off a hot dog before the rest of us were finished with ours. 

Yesterday morning I made her a full plate of options, she didn’t eat any of it.

Today the results were similar.

We had pizza last night so this morning she asked for it again.  I finally caved.  She ate the whole piece (and now wants more)

Pasta/Cheesy, Pizza, Chicky … and a range of random snacks & fruit.  OJ & Apple juice too but hardly any dairy products … milk drinking ended with the removal of the bottle.  (I supposed there’s dairy in pizza so maybe it’s not all that bad)

So I guess it’s pizza for breakfast until I figure out something else.

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