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Taxes …

First off … I just absolutely @#$% hate that this happened to us.  There’s just so much we should be doing together right now, too much to mention, too much to think about … it just SUCKS!  🙁

Filing taxes, btw, is no fun at all.  I have to dig into a bunch of information that I would have rather left untouched.  I didn’t even bother trying to find anything that listed clothes we might have donated prior to May (something she kept track of).  If it’s somewhere I’ll run across it eventually but I would rather skip the deduction.

Anyways, I just needed to bitch about this … she was the person who would have listened to me complain (although I certainly would have been complaining about something other than this particular topic)

Just missin u … E misses u.  She asks almost daily for you to come home.  She watches video of you.  It just isn’t fair

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