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I don’t know … breakfast just seemed to mean something special

We didn’t always have the time / energy to make something up after the kids came.  And definitely once we had 2 going out to breakfast wasn’t high on our list.  But living in the city, especially on weekends, we would hit up any number of breakfast or brunch places (Mitchells’ on Clybourn, Heavan on Seven, Kitschn’ On Roscoe, Hillary’s Urban Eatery … the list is long). 

Bacon on the George Foreman grill was by far our favorite.  Maybe more mine at first but who doesn’t like bacon???!!!

It’s probably bad to admit be her and I together would on occasion polish off a whole package of thin-sliced oscar meyer bacon.  But it had to be thin, it had to be oscar meyer and it had to be cooked on the george foreman grill.  Just something about it made it oh-so-good

I haven’t made any since, even though some times I do crave it.  Just one of those things I would rather go without (like popcorn on the stove … )

So what I wanted to say …

Ever since I have had more time at home I do try to make a meal out of breakfast for the kids whenever possible.  I’m not a huge fan of consistency when it comes to meals.  Cereal every morning is a bore.  I don’t even get the same coffee at starbucks all the time (probably because I drink it so much I’m going to puke if I drink much more).  So I try to mix it up.

Over the past two days the breakfasts I’ve made, in my opinion, have simply been amazing (maybe amazing is a bit much, but pretty damn good).  I don’t know what it is but I’ve kind of amazed myself.  While at the same time TOTALLY missing Cari and so wanting her to be there too…so that instead of writing crap here I would simply be enjoying it with her.

I make these healthy choice pancakes (although they might not be so healthy after I add an extra egg and use whole milk instead of skim)

She was a “cook” in training.  She was easily discouraged when something didn’t come out just right.  But pancakes were her deal.  Of all the things I would cook, I was worst at making pancakes so she took over the job.

I’ve definitely gotten better though.  But this past Wednesday, when I think for the 1st time made blueberry pancakes (just because I happened to have some blueberries in the fridge), they turned out to be so delicious.  I think some of the tastiness has to do with the whole milk but this time the blueberries really added to the flavor.  Go me (well E too because she helped)!! 

And then today.  Same sort of thing.  I’m not a huge egg fan but I’ve been making scrambled eggs 1-2 times a week because c-baby will eat them too.

Again I don’t know what it is … but it may be that whole milk thing again.  Or that plus a couple slices of (can’t-think-of-the-brand) sliced cheese.  Whatever it is, once again I amazed myself.  Oh man it was so good. 

But … it still just isn’t the same 🙁

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