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Eleven … :(

Who’s counting anyways?  Even though I knew it was yet another month today, a morning msg from a friend, although kind, was just the reminder I didn’t really want

So after a morning that seemed to drag along and a night of broken sleep I hope to soon forget, I got a phone call

It was my daughter.  She sounded so grown up and articulate, for a 3 yr old…  I didn’t even know it was her at first.  She had big news for daddy.  She was so excited.  And as weird as it seemed after the fact I was pretty excited for her too.  She pooped on the toilet!   That’s BIG news.  A huge milestone for her.  And she really was just over the top w/excitement.  It brought out a “real” smile in me too. 

So, just another reason to talk “poop”.  Seems like it enters the conversation more than it should.  And I’m not sure if it’s because of kids or because it seems to be such an entertaining topic

One of my top 10 pet peeves … people whispering to each other in an office setting.  Grow the f#$% up!  I’ve become less and less of a fan of a particular person in the organization.  She thinks she’s on a pedestal and acts like she can assert authority on anyone even though her position is far from someone of that stature.  I think she’s 2-faced.  And I’m not a big fan of interoffice b.s. … secret telling or whispering, whatever the intention, is ultra-childish and irritating. (p.s. this just happened so it’s fresh on my mind and needed to bitch about it)

But not to take away from my daughter’s accomplishments today … woo hoo!

And of course back to what today is … #11.  I had some crazy weird-ass dreams last night.  Of course I can’t remember much of what they were about.  My allergies, I think, were driving me nuts last night.  My nose was SO stuffed.  I probably used half a box of tissue.  E woke up crying and then C.  It was a long night.  So what was I dreaming about anyways … I have no clue

And today … just another day.  11 months older … feels like 11 years.  Still so fresh.  Still so unbelievable.  The world moves on.  Thrown under the sheets or whatever you want to call it.  It just plain sucks!

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