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It’s So Unfortunate

So I’m sitting here working at my MIL’s.  I’ve been on the mend since surgery last week.  It would have been nice if they gave me a realistic expectation of this thing.  Something a little more accurate than “2 days and you’ll be back to normal.”  Maybe something more like … “2 weeks and maybe you’ll be able to walk around finally but still not able to pick up the kids.”

Back to my point …

“Love is overrated”  That’s the quote of a father of triplets who just walked over to corral his kids who were bouncing around in the jumpie with mine.

“Love is overrated” ???

I’m pretty sure his marriage has been struggling for years.  The guy across the street is also facing a divorce. 

So why then, when we were happy and would have been so forever, would this happen to us? 

It’s a sorry life they live.  To be unhappy.  To act.  To hate.  To pretend.  To be fake.

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