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I finished my 2nd book in 1 week … a big feat for me.  I’m not a big reader but have been wanting to pick up a book more often.  Try doing that when working full time and caring for a couple little ones.  It’s virtually impossible to find the time or energy.  However, since I’m still recovering from surgery and can’t lift the kids, staying at the in-laws, it’s given me the opportunity.  Besides, the weather has been crap for the past two weeks so I should have read more.

Anyways, both books were by john grisham(sp?).  The 1st was a more recent book with a bunch of stories.  The other was an older book called Bleachers.  Both were good and quick reads.

Bleachers is about high school football players, their stories and their relationship with their coach.  The players came back to their home town because their coach was ill and would soon pass.  When I got to the part of the book that described his passing I had such a difficult time getting through the pages. 

I’ve experienced similar feelings when something on TV or in a movie depicts at a related topic.  It’s not a desirable feeling.

When I read I get more out of it and get more involved in the story.  Whereas I just kind of zone watching TV.  So when it got to the part where he passed, it was impossible to hold back emotion. 

There was a lot of story leading up to it, none of which I really related to but it allowed me to get a feel for the relationship these players had with their coach. 

When he passed it wasn’t necessarily the sadness for him that came out but the sadness in me for my loss.  The feeling was way too much like how it was when I lost my baby doll.  A seriously awful feeling that I can do without feeling again.  It’s a horrible feeling.  The sadness is so intense and so very real


I went out yesterday for the first time in a while.  I crashed at a friends in the city.  We went to the cubs/sox game first, then to a street fest in andersonville to see mike & joe, then to the cubby bear for wedding band, and wrapped up the night at taco burrito house.  Taco burrito house is SO good.  When I first moved to the city my place was literly a block away and we just about always concluded the night there.  However, ending up there, at who knows what time, meant that we probably went a little overboard and got kind of crazy.  And I paid for it today.  Thankfully I have help with the kids because I wasn’t much use otherwise.

I remember the time Cari went to a wedding and I went to a bachelor party on the same night.  We were both complete wastes of space the next day.  We only had one baby to care for at the time but one was too much for us that day.  We never did that again

So I’m at the fest and the band is setting up and I’m talking back stage with one guys girlfriend and some other chick who’s probably hooking up with another guy in the band.  They’re talking about how they’re excited that my friends girlfriend is coming.  Here name ironically is Kari (like my Cari).  There was just something about how they were talking, how they kept mentioning her name, how their opinion of this girl seemed so much like my Cari.  It was an awkward/uncomfortable feeling.  Like it should have been my Cari they were talking about, like how she should have been there with me, how it’s not supposed to be like this.


Sick kids are no fun.  E is finally over it (I think).  C, i’m not so sure.  I had hoped he was just teething but then he threw up this morning.  However the rest of the day he seemed fine.  So I don’t know.  Neither had fevers today.  Which is a relief because their attitudes are so different when they have a temp.  I thought winter was the time for colds and that summer would be a break.  I guess not.  Hopefully once they’re over this they’ll be in the clear for at least a few months

They were super cute this afternoon.  E pulled him over and whispered something in his ear.  Then it was like he tried to repeat the secret to us but he just babbles.  She told him a bunch of other secrets.  She would pull him over and he would lean in with his hear pressed to her mouth … very cute

This morning he passed out in his high chair.  I have a picture of E doing that at some point in the past; passed out right there in front of me when she was about that same age.  This time he and I were sitting at the table.  He was babbling excitedly about the wiggles on TV.  I turned to look at the TV but by the time I looked back his head was tilted and he was out cold.  So cute!

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