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Ice Cream

I’ve really been slacking on this whole blog thing but I think about posting all the time.  I have a number of posts in draft.  I just haven’t had the time/desire to get back to them.

I’ve been craving ice cream, which definitely isn’t on any sort of diet plan (not like I’m on a diet or anything but since I still can’t be too active I try to watch what I eat), so last night I asked E if she wanted to go get some.  To my surprise she actually said yes.  She’s anti dairy for some unknown reason so I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

We went and ordered a cup of vanilla at oberwise for her, a vanilla shake for me … $2 for the single scoop of vanilla??? WTF!  Anyways, that stuff is really good so if she doesn’t eat it I guess I will.  She took 3 bites (one because they gave her a balloon).  Still, 3 bites is an accomplishment.

The weather here has either been HOT or rainy.  The sun finally came out this past week but it was either followed or preceded by some intense storms.

On Wed some friends invited me to the Sox game.  I’m so not a Sox fan but I thought the weather would be nice and grandma offered to watch the kids so I said yes.  By the time they came to pick me up the tornado sirens were going off.  The weather was nuts.  I asked if they wanted to wait a few minutes.  They said no.  We should have waited.  We drove through 3 separate sirens.  Rain seemed to be going sideways.  I hate storms like that, especially being stuck in them.

One of the times Cari and I drove to Miami from Chicago we went through some seriously intense storms not only on the way down but on the way back too.  Cari drove through the storms in Tennessee and I did it through Indiana.  We didn’t realize how bad the storms in Tennessee were until we made it to Georgia and it was all over the news and everybody was talking about it.  Some 15 tornadoes touched down right in the area we drove through.  Trailers turned upside down all over the place.  Holy Crap!  I don’t think the stuff in Indiana was that bad but there were at least 2 tornadoes and multiple storms.  And on top of the storms we were driving at night which made it all that much more intense because you couldn’t see anything; you just heard the wind and sirens all around you.

So anyways, we drove to the game in the midst of all this chaos.  Today the paper said that at least one tornado touched down but it was a dozen or so miles from where we were at.  The game was delayed nearly 2 hours so it wouldn’t have hurt to wait it out.  Nevertheless we sat in the car and drank some beers while we waited so I guess I can’t complain.

The kids have been getting in the pool a lot more lately.  E seems to be losing some of her fear.  C is fearless.  Well not totally but as soon as I put him on the steps he tries running off them into the water.  For a few days he would just stand on the steps and splash.  Not any more.  Before I know it he’ll be jumping in.

I’m trying to take better advantage of our shortened summer work hours.  Especially since the weather this summer seems to be the exact opposite of last summer.  Good thing though because I wouldn’t have enjoyed any of it last summer.  Cari would be outside every single day this year.  This is her weather.  I guarantee it.  We would be having a lot of fun. 

So a lot of stuff is still in up in the air.  I’m tired of work and half contemplating time off or quiting.  They actually gave us a raise this year, but it’s pennies.  I’m still not being paid what I should be earning.  I would like to just sell the house but haven’t put in the effort to really list it.  I missed my latest therapy session because of surgery.  I haven’t rescheduled.  I don’t want to go any more but I do know that there’s something that will eventually need to be addressed … moving on.  It’s something I think about.  Not all the time but I do.  Sometimes I can joke about it but in my heart it isn’t something I’m near ready to do.  Nor do I truly desire it.  Moving on means a whole lot.  I still wear my ring and don’t have any plans to take it off.  It just became a part of me and taking it off, even for a few hours, doesn’t feel right.  There’s a lot more, a lot, and don’t want to write about it now.  It’s 9:30a.  My work day (if that’s what  you want to call it) ends at noon.  It’s going to be nice out.  So hopefully I can get some sun and get in the pool for a couple good hours while my mom has the kids today.

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