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It’s the book I’m currently reading by James Patterson

I shouldn’t be reading it

About 30 pages in and the main character Alex’s wife is killed in his arms.  I skipped the rest of that chapter

He has three kids, their 3rd very young at the time.  He’s raising them on his own with grandma’s help

Almost every chapter with him in it, he refers to his wife Maria.  He dreams about her.  He’s asked about it.  So many things remind him of her.  He goes to therapy (partly because of her)

In one of the most recent chapters someone refers to the ring he still wears (10+ years later).

I already struggle with all this stuff.  I should have put the book down right away.  If I only would have read the sub title on the cover of the book maybe I wouldn’t have even started the read.  Although, at least I’m ready … I guess.

Did Cari buy me this book?  Why did I wait all this time to read it?  What made me pick this book out of the stack of unread books?

So it was like 95 plus crazy humidity this afternoon.  I was pretty irritable.  Was it the heat?  Or hunger?  Or because I decided to read the book, while hungry, in this almost unbearable heat?

Anyways … kind of a rough day today.  My mind is everywhere.  Storms came through so it’s cooler and the humidity is less for the moment.  I’m pretty tired but I decided to by a mocha frap at 7:30 so I’ll probably be up for a while (or crash hard).

Update: So I just finished the book.  Ugh.  I’ll skip another one of those.  Turns out his wife was 30 … and so was Cari.

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