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Another Reminder

Started writing this last night …

After writing about that book I’m reading, one would think I would avoid that certain topic.  Then I go and throw in one of the movies I received from netflix today, Brothers.

Maybe 15 minutes in and her husband is killed in afghanistan, leaving her and two girls behind.  Shit!

It left me feeling sick to my stomach

I still watched the whole movie, however.  That didn’t make me feel any better.  Things in the movie turned out different, but still … it started out the wrong way

It also reminded me that so many other people deal with this crap every day. 

I read another blog today, a post from a month or so back, that talked about another girl with baby on the way who lost her husband.  The post talked about what to say to this girl if the blogger ever had contact with her.  One commenter said something like wait 6+ months and talk to her when the casseroles stop coming.  That all made me think … (and this was before watching the movie)

What would I say?  I really don’t think there’s anything good to say.  Maybe perhaps all that other person needs to know is that she’s not the only one going through that shit.  That someone else lost their best friend, their lover, the parent of their children.  That life just isn’t fair.  But also that everyone else does keep living and somehow they they find the strength & will to do it.

Today (the day after starting this post) was a long day.  Went shopping with the kids earlier.  Spent more than I should have on them but bought some needed things.  C almost fell asleep in the car so he had a tough time going down for a nap.  I also think he’s about to cut a few teeth at the same time. 

I was planning to go into the city tonight but that didn’t happen.  I wish I did though.  I needed some time out.  It probably would have been fun too but I just lost the motivation to get ready and go. 

Maybe I should try going to bed, but that red bull I had a few hours ago probably won’t let that happen.  Sounds like it’s about to storm again too.  We had tons of rain last night.  Enough to flood a couple neighboring towns, close down expressways, and left standing water in my yard.  The thunder was pretty insane too

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